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Connect The Dots Integration Technology

sage 100 in sync 

Sync Sage 100

Keep Sage 100 In Sync With Applications & Web Sites

sage 100 sync

Sage Data Synchronization

Move Information Between Sage 100 & Databases

in sync sage 100

Sage 100 Time Savings

Automate & Streamline Data Processing

sage 100 integration

Hands Free Sage Sync

Human Intervention Not Required for Sync

sage 100 in sync 

Seamlessly Keep Sage 100 In Sync With Your Commerce Site 

TEKOA Integration technology uses state of the art web technology to sync data in both directions with Sage 100.

  • Sage 100 Inventory Product Sync
  • Sage 100 Customer Sync
  • Sage 100 Payment Sync
  • Sage 100 Pricing Sync
  • And More

Two-way communication between Sage 100 and online commerce web sites.

Contact TEKOA  |  More Sync Information  |  TEKOA B2C For Sage 100

sage 100 sync

Sync Online Orders With Sage 100 Automatically

TEKOA Integration Technology Keeps Online Orders In Sync With Sage 100 Orders.  Enabling Customers to purchase product online and Your Business to complete the Orders using Sage 100.

  • View Order History Online
  • Easily Reorder Product From Order History
  • View Tracking Information
  • Print Order Documents

Two-way sync communication between Sage 100 and Online Commerce.

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sage 100 sync 

Process and Sync Customer Payments Online

TEKOA Integration Technology Keeps Online Order And Invoice Payments In Sync With Sage 100 Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts.

Give Customers the ability to pay Invoices online, synchronized with Sage 100 using advanced Sage 100 Integration technology by TEKOA software.  Use an Online Payment Portal to process credit card, paypal and ACH payments from your Customers and into Sage 100.

Two-way sync communication between Sage 100 and Payment Gateways.

Contact TEKOA  |  More Sync Information  |  TEKOA Commerce for Sage 100

 sync sage 100

Sync Sage 100 With Online Applications

TEKOA Integration Technologies Sync Sage 100 With Online Applications.

Connect the dots between online software solutions and Sage 100 using TEKOA's unique, powerful and flexible Sage 100 Sync Technology.  Integrate SalesForce, Amazon, EDI, CRM Applications, WMS Applications and other ERP applications with Sage 100 using TEKOA. 

Two-way sync communication between Sage 100 and Other Applications.

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Sage 100 Sync Technology

TEKOA software, a leader in Sage 100 synchronization technology, provides the expertise, experience and tools that connect the dots between Sage 100 and other Web Sites, Applications and Payment Solutions.  Syncing data between Sage 100 and other tools used to run your business saves you time and money when data is seamlessly and securely sync'd.

There are multiple methods for syncing data between Sage 100 and other systems.  Below we discuss some of the more common methods for syncing Sage 100, but keep in mind that there are many configurations available.

Sage 100 REST API by TEKOA Software 

REST API technology is the most efficient and sophisticated way to connect Sage 100 to web sites and applications.  TEKOA's REST API for Sage 100 is an online secure programming interface that allows TEKOA to develop direct and real-time connections between Sage 100 and other entities like Web Sites and Applications. 

One benefit of TEKOA's Sage API is its flexibility.  Because it functions on the program level, TEKOA developers can truly customize and tailor an integration to the exact and unique needs of a business.  The data is exchanged over highly secure channels and can connect to a large variety of modern web applications and technologies.  Common Sage API connections include:

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Customers and Vendors
  • Inventory Product Information
  • Inventory Warehouse Information

TEKOA's API for Sage 100 also connects the Sage 100 General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Purchase Order and other system level data points.  TEKOA's depth of capability with its unique API technology and knowledgable developers provide today's enterprise with a strong Sage 100 sync solution.  Click on the link for more information about TEKOA's Sage 100 API.

Sage 100 Integrated Electronic Data Interchante (EDI)

TEKOA uses it's state of the art Sage 100 sync technology to make seamless connections between Sage 100 and your EDI data partners. 

EDI is the exchange of EDI format documents or data files using standard online communication methods and has been a common method for businesses to business integrated order processing for a generation.  TEKOA not only has the tools and expertise for making Sage 100 EDI integration seamless, but also provides an online Sage 100 EDI Management Portal where you can view and manage EDI partnerships and document traffic.  We have not met an EDI Partner or Document we could not process and sync with Sage 100.  EDI can be a hands-free and seamless sync with Sage 100 or for those who need it, sync with an intermediary web portal for more hands-on management of EDI data sync'd with Sage 100.  There are many EDI documents that can be sync'd with Sage 100, but the most common EDI Sage 100 Sync's include:

  • Customer Purchase Orders Into Sage 100 Sales Orders
  • Sage Invoices EDI Delivered To Partners
  • Shipment Confirmations & Notifications
  • Inventory Product Lists & Availability

For more information about TEKOA's EDI Sage 100 Sync technology, click on the Sage 100 EDI Sync link.

Sage 100 Flat File and SQL Data Sync

The more familiar and old school method for Sage 100 Sync is the use of flat files like CSV, TXT, XML, JSON files that are then processed by both Sage 100 and the integrated system on the other end.  This method involves the creation and deposit of outbound Sage 100 Sync data into a shared directory where another system retrieves the data and processes it.

The same method occurs in reverse to process sync data into Sage 100.  The sending system drops CSV, TXT, XML, JSON files into a shared network directory where the data is picked up and processed by an automated TEKOA Sage 100 Sync App.  The benefit to this method is that it is well known and developers have been using the method for many years and just run it on demand.  The con for this approach is that there are a lot of moving parts and it is not a real-time sync method.

A variation of this technique is the use of SQL as the data intermediary instead of flat-files, but the process flow is the same.  Some of the more common simple integrations include:

  • Drop Sales Order Files Into Directory For Sync With Sage 100
  • Drop AP Payment Lists Into Directory For Sync With Sage 100
  • Data Trading of Inventory Transactions for WMS and Sage 100

TEKOA has a long list of these Sage 100 Sync Apps that can be viewed on our Sage 100 Services page.

No matter what method works best for your buisness, TEKOA has been there and done it.  As leaders in Sage 100 Sync technology TEKOA is a solid and reliable source for any Sage 100 Sync project.  Contact TEKOA for more information about our Sage 100 Sync and depend on us to get it done right.

 sage 100 in sync

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