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Sage 100 API Integration

Connect The Dots For Sage 100

A Leader In Advanced Sage 100 Integration Techology


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Sage 100 Integration Solutions


 Sage 100 Cloud Integration 

Sage 100 Standard, Advanced & Premium

API Platform As A Service

Sync Data Between Systems

Automate Business Processes

Sage 100 Contractor Integration 

For Engineering, Contractors & Subs

Integrate Mobile Field Time Entry

Sync Projects, Equipment & More

Payroll Integration

Sage 100 API For Developers 

Integrate Your App To Sage 100

REST API Platforms

Swagger Documentation

Technical Support & Assistance

 TEKOA Confluence

Integration Platform for Sage 100

Connect multiple systems, applications, websites to Sage 100 on a single centralized integration platform.

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TEKOA Commerce 

Multi-Channel Inbound Sales Order Management for Sage 100

Manage multiple inbound sales channels, Customers & Inventory with one web browser interface.

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TEKOA Store 

Integrated E-Com Web Site for Sage 100

Seamlessly integrated online shopping and Customer portal for Sage 100 Standard, Advanced & Premium.

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TEKOA Sage 100 API 

API For Sage 100

Connect your application to Sage 100 with REST API service from TEKOA. Build your bridge to Sage 100 Integration.

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Sage 100 EDI

Sage 100 EDI Solution

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Sage 100 puts you in automated connection with your key Customers and Suppliers to trade EDI documents back and forth seamlessly integrated with your Sage 100.

  • Customer Purchase Orders, ASN's and Invoices
  • Inventory Quantity On Hand By Warehouse
  • Vendor Purchase Orders, Confirmations and Change Notices
  • Plus many, many more

TEKOA EDI For Sage 100  |  MORE >


 Sage 100 integration

Sage 100 REST API

by TEKOA software

Sage 100 API is a cloud based REST API for Sage 100 ERP that allows developers to read and write data to and from Sage 100 through a structured and secure channel. Common operations include retrieving customer lists, invoice history, items, and creating sales orders, receipt of goods, invoices, and more.

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Sage 100 Integration Solutions - TEKOA

Integrated Apps For Sage 100


Most Sage Modules TEKOA Confluence TEKOA Confluence is anAPI integration platform for Sage 100 Cloud ERP versions Standard, Advanced & Premium.  Confluence connects the dots between other systems and Sage 100 over secured and encrypted API protocols.  Using a unique API solution developed by TEKOA, Sage 100 end users can have their system integrated with applications like: E-Commerce, 3rd Party Fulfillment, Warehouse Management, Mobile, MRP, EDI and Business Intelligence solutions.  More Info >
Most Sage Modules Sage 100 Web API Post data into many Sage 100 data entry files using TEKOA's unique web API for Sage 100. Insert data directly and seamlessly into Sage 100 using the TEKOA Confluence Sage 100 Web API.
Most Sage Modules Sage 100 API Data Query TEKOA uses Structured Query Language (SQL) to retrieve data from almost any Sage 100 data set.  Using TEKOA you can perform API GET requests to retrieve information from more than 1000 different Sage tables.  Opening the door to integrating Sage 100 with a large variety of third-party applications, web sites and business tools.
Sales Order Sage 100 Integration - Commerce Portal Use TEKOA API integration to funnel new Sales from multiple sales channels into Sage 100.  With the TEKOA Commerce Administration Add-On, view and manage new Sales from multiple sources in one web portal.  Add, Review, Edit & Approve new Sales Order transactions for integration with Sage 100.
Sales Order Sage 100 Integration - eCom Online Store

TEKOA Integrated Commerce B2C for Sage 100 is built on the idea that online sales channels are no longer an add on feature, but a required business module for the success of Today's Enterprise.

Seamlessly integrated using TEKOA Confluence, have a Business To Customer web site for Sage 100.  Enterprise class eCommerce software for Today's global business.  See Live In Action

General Ledger Sage 100 Integration - Journal Entry Use TEKOA Confluence Sage 100 API to insert GL Journal Entries from other applications or data sources.
General Ledger Advanced Business Intelligence Dashboard Use Microsoft Power BI Desktop, an easy to use powerful tool to create custom graphs, charts, lists and more displayed in a sophisticated and polished desktop dashboard.  Great for Financials and Key Performance Indicators. 
Purchase Order Sage 100 Integration - Purchase Order Use TEKOA Confluence API for Sage 100 to insert new Sage 100 Purchase Orders.  API Integration for Sage 100 Purchase Order Entry
Purchase Order Sage 100 Integration - Receipts Use TEKOA Confluence API for Sage 100 to insert new Sage 100 Purchase Order Receipt of Goods and Receipt of Invoice.  API Integration for Sage 100 Receiving.
Accounts Payable Vendor Account Sync Silently and automatically sync your Sage 100 AP Vendor accounts with other 3rd party applications and data partners.
Accounts Payable Sage 100 Integration - AP Invoices Integrate Sage 100 AP Invoices quickly and easily.  Insert AP Invoices directly into Sage 100 from another application.
Accounts Payable Payment Management Solution From leader in Financial Technology Corporate Spending Innovations is the Sage 100 Integrated Accounts Payable Platform for advanced AP management with a full suite of payment solutions.  Automate Accounts Payable and eliminate manual processes that slow down revenue growth.  Make domestic and global payments the way you and your Vendors want them with Corporate Spending Innovations integration for Sage 100.
Accounts Receivable Avalara AvaTax Sales Tax Integration Integrate your E-Commerce platform with Avalara AvaTax Sales Tax Management using TEKOA's Confluence Integration plaform.  Multiple integrations with Sage 100 on a single service platform by TEKOA.
Accounts Receivable Sage 100 Integration - Customer Account Sync Silently and automatically sync your Sage 100 AR Customer accounts with other applications and data partners.  Includes Ship To Addresses and uses Sage 100 API technology by TEKOA.
Accounts Receivable Sage 100 Integration - AR Invoices Automatically integrate new Sage 100 AR Invoices quickly and easily.  Connect using TEKOA's unique Sage 100 web API and insert AR Invoices directly into Sage 100 from another application.
Accounts Receivable Sage 100 Integration - AR Cash Receipts Automatically integrate Sage 100 AR Cash Receipt payments made in other venues into Sage 100 Accounts Receivable.
Accounts Receivable Automatic Statments Set a schedule and automatically transmit Sage 100 AR Statements to Customers with open balances. Display Statements as HTML emails or send as PDF attachments.  No waiting for emails to be generated and sent and no blacklisting from paperless office abuse. Keep your receivables up to date with automatic AR Statement delivery service from TEKOA.
Payroll Advanced Reports & Analysis Use enterprise class Microsoft Reporting Services tools to build sophisticated and easy to use Payroll reports from Sage 100 data. Partner the reports with Payroll History Cache for Sage 100 and write better history reports for Payroll.
Payroll History Data Cache Don't lose important payroll history and increase your ability to create reports and insights on Payroll data using TEKOA's Data Cache for Sage 100.  Store useful and long term Payroll history beyond what is available in Sage 100.
Inventory Management Sage 100 Integration - Item Code Sync Integrate Sage 100 Inventory Management data with other applications, web sites and more with the TEKOA Inventory Item Sync for Sage 100.  Includes, prices, costs, descriptions, and essentially any Sage 100 inventory data. Cross connect Sage 100 Inventory with other business resources that run your enterprise.
Inventory Management Sage 100 Integration - Inventory Transactions Utilizing a unique and powerful data sync tool for Sage 100, TEKOA gives you the ability to insert Sage 100 Inventory Management Transactions from multiple sources. Keep your Sage 100 inventory in sync with other applications and partners using TEKOA.
Inventory Management Mobile Warehouse Management for Sage 100 Run Mobile Warehouse Management functions from an easy to use handheld device.  Perform Item Inquiry, Transaction Entry and Physical Count using bar code laser handheld computers.
 Sales Order Sage 100 Integration - Sales Order Data Entry With an easy to use and intuative web browser interface, insert Sage 100 Sales Orders from any location with an internet connection and have the data seamlessly and automatically synchronized with your Sage 100.  A built in feature of TEKOA Commerce Admin Portal that uses TEKOA Confluence API for Sage 100.
 Sales Order E-Commerce Integration for Sage 100 Sync eCommerce data like Items and shopping cart data from your web site with Sage 100 Sales Order integration by TEKOA.
 Sales Order Sage 100 Integration - Customer PO Import Receive Sage 100 Customer Purchase Orders (850s) from your customers and have the data automatically imported into Sage 100. Includes option for return receipt.
 Sales Order Sage 100 Integration - Advanced Ship Notice Automatically send Sage 100 Advanced Ship Notices to Customers when their product ships. Notices sent as HTML emails,PDF attachments and 856 EDI documents.
 Sales Order Advanced Invoice Delivery Instead of waiting for paperless office to build and transmit invoices, use this unique TEKOA software solution to automatically build and send Sage 100 Sales Order Invoices as either HTML emails or attached PDF's to your customers.
 Sales Order Price Change Audit Log Ever wondered who changed the Sales Order? This solution records changes made to Sage 100 and retains the history making it easy to investigate changes made to Sales Order details. Know the date, time, user and changes made to Sales Order Details. View as a Microsoft SSRS report or receive emailed reports.
 Sales Order Sage 100 Integration - EDI 850, 810, 856 Connect to your Customers using encrypted data partnerships and EDI. Receive Customer PO's (850) and have them automatically inserted into Sage 100. Including receipt confirmations. Send Advanced Ship Notices (856) when product ships and Sales Order Invoices (810) when Invoices are finalized. Includes the ability to report package and tracking details. A comprehensive integrated EDI solution for Sage 100.
 Sales Order Sage 100 Integrated - B2B Web Portal Give Customers the ability to self service through a secured online B2B Customer Web Portal for Sage 100 and have the sales automatically integrated wiht Sage 100 Sales Order Management. 
 Sales Order eBizCharge Commerce Credit Card Processing Seamlessly integrate E-Commerce B2C and B2B Credit Card Payments with Sage 100 using TEKOA Sage 100 REST API technology and Century Business Solutions payment solutions. 
 Sales Order Fleet Delivery Tracker Integrated with Verizon Network Fleet (R) know the location and status of vehicles that deliver product to Customers.  Allow Drivers to record delivery transactions that automatically generate Sage 100 Sales Order Invoices.  Email confirmations and invoice receipts are automatically generated and sent to Customers after delivery. Capture signatures and include Network Fleet GPS data and Customer signatures on forms and reports.
 Purchase Order Mobile Receiving Input Sage 100 Purchase Order Receipt of Goods transactions from handheld computers with bar code laser scanning and auto insert Receipt of Goods transactions inside Sage 100.
 Sales Order Shipping Sage 100 Integrated - OnShip TEKOA Confluence Connector for OnShip connects your Sage 100 shipping and fulfillment process with the popular, powerful and easy to use cloud OnShip shipping software solution. 
 Most Modules Sage 100 Web API Post data into many Sage 100 data entry files using TEKOA's unique Web API for Sage 100. Insert data directly and seamlessly into Sage 100 over http using the Sage 100 Web API by TEKOA.
E-Commerce  Sage 100 E-Commerce As A Service  Leverage TEKOA integration technology to seamlessly integrate Sage 100 with the powerful E-Commerce platform from DreamingCode and take control of your business online.  Best-in-class SaaS based hosted b2b e-commerce software platform for SMB & Mid-Market companies backed by TEKOA's Sage 100 API integration technology.
Sales Order Shipping  Sage 100 Integrated - ShipStation With direct integration to Sage 100 using TEKOA Sage 100 API, ShipStation makes it easy to manage all your Sage 100 Sales Order Shipping transactions.  Gain complete control and insight into all your shipments using TEKOA Sage 100 Integration for ShipStation
E-Commerce  Sage 100 Integrated - Volusion eCommerce Integrate Volusion commerce platform with Sage 100 and turn your idea into an online store.  Volusion has everything you need to start selling online with endless features and possiblities.  Integrated solution Volusion E-Commerce for Sage 100
E-Commerce  Sage 100 Integrated - PinnacleCart eCommerce PinnacleCart for Sage 100 is the all-in-one webstore solution obessively engineered to increase visitors and conversions while growing sales.  TEKOA Sage 100 Integration for PinnacleCart launches you into streamlined online commerce. 
Fulfillment Logistics Sage 100 Integrated - 3rd Party Logistics United Fulfillment Solutions delivers peace of mind in the 3rd Party Logistics for Sage 100 space.  UFSI is a fulfillment partner for the modern retailer.  Integrated with Sage 100 using TEKOA, you'll find UFSI going the extra mile to get the right Sage 100 Sales Order to the right place at the right time, every time. 
CRM  Sage 100 Integrated - Salesforce Connect to your customers in a whole new way with the number one CRM platform - Salesforce integration for Sage 100 by TEKOA.  Salesforce is a web-based CRM application integrated by TEKOA that helps you find, win and keep customers.
CRM  Sage 100 Integrated - Zoho CRM Trust your sales to the CRM trusted by the world.  Zoho CRM Sage 100 integration provided by TEKOA empowers a global network of businesses to convert ore leads, egage with customers and grow your revenue.  Transform your business with the world's favorite customer relationship management software integrated with Sage 100 by TEKOA.

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Sage 100 integration

Mobile Sage 100

Warehouse Management System for Sage 100. Use bar code scanners to better track inventory for Sage 100. Receipts, Picking, Shipping, Physical Count and more.




 Sage 100 integration

Sage 100 Cloud

Access Sage 100 using Windows Remote Desktop to a secured and dedicated Host server.




Sage 100 Web API 

Sage 100 API

Web API for Sage 100. Insert records directly into Sage 100 over http web posts using TEKOA's unique Sage 100 API.




 Sage 100 integration

Sage 100 Consulting

Get expert advice and training from Sage 100 consultants. Advance your use of Sage 100 with training and consulting from TEKOA.




 Sage 100 Enhancements

Sage 100 Enhancements

Add functionality to your Sage 100 with one of TEKOA's unique enhancements.




 Sage 100 EDI

Sage 100 EDI

Integrate Sage 100 with your data partner Customers and Suppliers. Streamline and automate transactions between your Sage 100 and those whom you frequently do business.





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