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Cloud EDI Software



API EDI Software

Connect The Dots


Integrated business to business data exchange for Today's Enterprise

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Cloud EDI Software

Automate Transactions

Connect with Customers and Suppliers to trade information electronically.




Cloud EDI Software

Streamline Workflow

Increase efficiency when business transactions are transmitted automatically.




Cloud EDI Software

Increase Accuracy

Eliminate data entry mistakes and miscommunication errors.




Cloud EDI Software

Improve Sales

Open new opportunites with sellers when you can dialogue with them using EDI.



TEKOA EDI portal

TEKOA EDI is an easy to use online portal that allows users to manage EDI partners and data exchanges.  Connect your business to key trading partners, like Customers and Suppliers, to automatically and securely exchange business data transactions.

 Cloud EDI Software
  • Completely Web-Based
  • No infrastructure required
  • Review and Respond to customer documents
  • 24/7 monitoring of EDI processes
  • Create ship notices and print labels
  • Human readable EDI data
  • Integrate with your ERP software


Complete EDI Service

Complete EDI infrastructure, setup and management for Today's Enterprise

One-Stop for everything EDI

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Cloud EDI Software

Cloud EDI

Comprehensive EDI Software as a Service infrastructure in the Cloud




Cloud EDI Software

EDI Security

Encryption and security services for safe data transmission




sage 100 EDI integration

EDI Partner Setup 

Easy data partner setup and configuration through online portal




sage 100 EDI

EDI Implementation

TEKOA EDI Experts setup, configure, test and release your EDI transaction partnerships


 EDI sage 100

Online EDI Portal

TEKOA EDI is a secure online portal where you manage your EDI connections and Transactions like Orders, Aknowldegements and Receipts.  Login to your secure online TEKOA EDI  web portal to view information about EDI transactions your Data Partners have sent or received. 



Quick Access Action Items

Once logged in, TEKOA EDI will display a Quick Access list that tells users what actions need to be performed.  Common Actions include, accepting new orders, aknowledge transactions and sending confirmations.

 sage 100 EDI software



 Cloud EDI Software

Dashboard History Charts

Quickly and easily monitor the history and quantity of transactions exchanged with your trading partners from the interactive TEKOA EDI Web Portal Dashboard. 



Easily View and Maintain EDI Transactions

Use TEKOA EDI to easily view and maintain EDI Transaction lists and details to stay on top of new Orders, Functional Acknowledgements and any other EDI Transactions between your business and your Trading Partners.  Management of your EDI transmissions is made easy with TEKOA EDI.

 Cloud EDI Software



 Cloud EDI Software

Automated Integration with your ERP

TEKOA EDI seamlessly integrates with many ERP applications, including TEKOA's own ERP and Sage 100 ERP (MAS90, MAS200) by Sage.  TEKOA is a leader in ERP integration and TEKOA's EDI solution is no exception.  Connect The Dots with TEKOA integration technology for EDI. 




Cloud EDI Software

EDI for the Fulfillment Process

Solve the human factor by automating your sales and fulfillment transactions, digitally connecting your business to your customers, and create new levels of efficiency.

With TEKOA’s managed EDI, we place your business needs at the center hub and build automated data relationships to an ever-growing wheel of customers. Accelerate your Quote-to-Cash cycle, and get paid faster by eliminating the time to process and fulfill orders, and with the reduction of data entry errors, eliminate costly chargebacks for incorrect or incomplete shipments.

There are many EDI transaction types, those common to the fulfillment process are: 


 Document  Description
 850  Customer Purchase Order
 855  Order Acknowledgement
 860  Order Change Request
 856  Advanced Ship Notice
 810  Customer Invoice
 997  Functional Acknowledgement

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EDI for sage 100

EDI for the Procurement Process

As a buyer, there is a world of potential suppliers waiting to revolve around you. You are looking for vendors who can anticipate your needs, understand your buying cycles and deliver just in time.

Automate your sourcing transactions by digitally connecting your business to your suppliers, and create new levels of efficiency in your supply chain. With TEKOA’s managed EDI, we place your needs at the center hub and build automated data relationships to a revolving system of suppliers.

There are many EDI transaction types, those common to the procurement process are: 

 Document  Description
 832  Price List / Catalogue
 846  Inventory Inquiry
 850  Purchase Order
 855  Purchase Order Acknowledgement
 856  Advanced Ship Notice
 810  Invoice

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Cloud EDI Software

Start your EDI journey today

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 Cloud EDI Software

Connect The Dots


EDI Consolidation

Using multiple providers?

Managing multiple endpoints with different requirements?

Tired of managing multiple EDI configurations?

With TEKOA EDI you can centralize all your EDI connections and manage them all from one easy to use administration portal.  No more juggling multiple systems and endpoints.  View and administrate all your connections from one centralized source using TEKOA EDI.

Simplify  -  Streamline  -  Centralize

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