Tekoa Software

ERP Systems

Enterprise Software for Accounting, Distribution or Manufacturing.

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Data Integration

Connect the dots with Tekoa. Build data relationships with Partners, Systems and Devices.

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Enterprise Software

Advanced ERP Application for Distribution, Manufacturing, eCommerce, Mobile and more.

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Available ERP Systems

Tekoa ERP Systems. Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing.

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Tekoa Software

Tekoa Software

Enterprise Technology for Today's Business.

Accounting, Inventory and Production in one ERP system.

Improve business process and workflow, increase customer satisfaction and explore new business insights with cloud based ERP. Access information where you need it and improve operational performance.

Achieve your business goals with accurate financial, distribution and manufacturing data. Provide online and mobile access to sales and service users and have visibility into your operations to grow your enterprise.

Plan For Success: Tekoa ERP is a cloud based SaaS ERP System for today's midsize enterprise. A complete stand-alone ERP System that can also seamlessly integrate with other applications, systems and devices.

Our mission

Tekoa provides today's cloud enabled enterprise SaaS ERP Software for mission critical Accounting, Inventory and Manufacturing.
Tekoa ERP is a dynamic enterprise software solution with easy to use business intelligence reporting. Explore your ERP data, write custom analytics and reports. Easily export into spreadsheets for in depth analysis.
Build data relationships with partners to automate and streamline transactions. Automatically integrate eCommerce, EDI and more with the advanced Integrator module for Tekoa ERP.

Tekoa ERP & Sage 100

Sage 100 ERP Web Portal

Open The Door To New Functionality

Tekoa ERP adds several functions to Sage 100 that are historically independent enhancements. Tekoa ERP seamlessly integrates with Sage 100 to provide Sage users with advanced features like Mobile Barcode & Warehouse Automation, Outside Product and Service Selling and Make to Sales Order Job Manufacturing. Tekoa ERP delivers advanced ERP functions to Sage users with state of the art cloud technology. And if Tekoa ERP can meet all your business needs, Tekoa ERP automatically migrates Sage 100 data into the full Tekoa ERP application, making implemenation faster and easier. Explore the online demo of Tekoa ERP for Sage 100 to learn more about the benefits of using Tekoa ERP for Sage 100.



Tekoa's General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable provide the backbone of Tekoa ERP's accounting suite of modules.


Data Explore

Dig into transactions and easily open data in a spreadsheet for more in depth analysis.


Custom Reports

Build custom data sets and reports. Easily distribute information to the users that need it.



Unlimited Budgets, record payments and achieve goals with proper planning.

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ERP Solution

Customers, Vendors & Prospects

Centrally control all the contacts you do business with including Customers, Vendors and Prospects.

Enterprise Software

Document & File Storage

Stay organized by attaching documents and files directly to People Accounts.

Enterprise System

Analyze History

Analyze product history to better understand buying and sales trends by Account.

Mobile ERP

Mobile Inquiry

Increase the productivity of sales and service users with mobile People Account inquiry.

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Inventory Software

Inventory Management Software

Track, organize and maintain your products across multiple locations.

Inventory Management Software

Quantity & Values

Knowing how many are on hand and available, and where they are located is important for effective inventory management.

MRP Software

Inventory Requirements Planning

Proactively manage product availability by mapping out plans for intelligent product supply and demand controls.

Warehouse Management Software

Mobile Inventory Management

Put product information and productivity in users hands with Mobile Warehouse Management.

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Job Ops

Make To Sales Order

Manufacture products on demand when they are ordered and track production progress.

Job Operations

Barcoded Production Entry

Optimize operations efficiency with barcoded production using handheld scanners or tablets.

Make To Order Manufacturing Software

Effective Bill of Materials

Create simple or complex bills of material and manufacturing processes designed for ease of use and efficiency.

Manufacturing Software

Analysis & Reporting

Stay on top of production progress and costs with insightful production analysis and reporting.

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