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Sage 100 Integrations

API Integration for Sage 100
eCommerce Integration for Sage 100
EDI Integration for Sage 100
Marketplace Integration for Sage 100

Automate Transactions with eCommerce, EDI, Storefronts and Marketplaces

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of Sage 100 integrations with TEKOA.  eCommerce and supply chain businesses need to move data between applications and sync Sage 100 data using an automated and efficient method.

Sage 100 Integration streamlines workflow and removes the need to manually rekey transactions in multiple applications, reduces the chance for errors and directly impacts the customer experience.

For Sage 100 users, TEKOA provides a best in class integration platform that connects Sage 100 to web sites, trading partners and other applications using state of the art API technology.


Trusted, customizable, connected Sage 100 Integration solutions

TEKOA Integration for Sage 100 is a complete Sales Order Entry solution that automates sales generated by outside sources like:




And using customizable and advanced API and business object technology performs the input work directly into Sage without the need for manual rekey of sales orders.

Optimize business processes with Sage 100 Integration by TEKOA.




 Integrate Sage 100 with Web Storefronts

 Integrate Sage 100 with Trading Partners

 Integrate Sage 100 with Supply Chains

TEKOA's Sage 100 integration platform seamlessly connects with eCommerce storefronts to collect and process online sales into Sage 100 Sales Order and update Customer and Item information on the ecommerce site. 

Maintain Customer data with B2B and B2C online portals.

Sync Inventory Item data and pricing.

Update eCommerce with tracking, package and invoice information.

Robust and technologically advanced integration between Sage 100 and online storfronts.

Connector support for many popular eCommerce platforms including: Shopify, Magento, Pinnacle, Volution and more. 

Upgrade from legacy EDI platforms to secure and advanced API data transfer protocols.  Less EDI overhead costs and more efficient integration technology increases the per order margin on your EDI orders.

Meet Trading Partner EDI requirements while making integration with Sage 100 more efficient and capable. 

Centrally manage all inbound 850s from multiple trading partners in one easy to use online portal. 

Review and approve new 850s prior to integration.

Monitor inbound and outbound EDI transaction event history and know when EDI transactions have occurred.

TEKOA's Sage 100 Integration Platform includes functionality beyond Sales Order and includes complete inventory management, procurement and fulfillment business processes.

Automate the drop shipment of new sales.

Automate the creation of new Customers, Vendors and Items on the fly.

Immediately generate Purchase Orders and electronically deliver them to Suppliers when new marketplace orders are integrated.

Streamline fulfillment and procurement business cycles and eliminate manual data entry; decrease time and increase customer satisfaction.

Connector support for many popular Marketplace platforms.


TEKOA is a complete Sage 100 Integration Platform

eCommerce, EDI  and Marketplace integration is not all TEKOA does.  Our Confluence product is a full featured Sage 100 Integration platform with far reaching capabilites.

Sage 100 Integrations

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order

and more



 Sage 100 Application Integration

 TEKOA Confluence API

 Sage 100 API By TEKOA

 Sage 100 Integration Services

 Sage 100 eCom Integration

 Sage 100 API Basics



Ready to speak with a Sage 100 Integration Specialist?


Contact TEKOA for a free consultation about your Sage 100 integration project.  A specialist will provide you with details about TEKOA integration solutions, learn more about the unique needs of your business and generate a quote.

TEKOA is a leading provider of Sage 100 integration technology.  Contact TEKOA today and start your Sage 100 Integration project with TEKOA.


 What is Sage 100 API?

API means Application Programming Interface. The key feature of TEKOA's Sage 100 API is its ability to talk, or interface, with Sage 100.  Using programming language, you can communicate with Sage 100 to both collect and input Sage 100 data.

Sage 100 API Endpoints
TEKOA's Sage 100 API involves Endpoints. Endpoints are the points of access for Sage 100 information. Some Endpoints are designed to send you information that you request. For example, you may want to retrieve Sage 100 Sales Order data. TEKOA Sage 100 API has an Endpoint for the retrieval of the Sales Order information. Using programming language, you make a "call" to the TEKOA Sage 100 API Sales Order Endpoint and ask the API to return the Sales Order information you need.  Conversely, you may want to input information into Sage 100 using the TEKOA API.  In that example, using programming language, you "call" the Sales Order Endpoint and insert a new Sales Order into Sage 100.

Sage 100 API Rules
Now, there are rules built into the API that govern the insertion of data into Sage 100. For example, you cannot insert a new Sales Order without properly identifying the Customer on the Sales Order. The same is true on other Sage 100 API Endpoints and these rules protect you from inserting data into Sage 100 that would be invalid. TEKOA's Sage 100 API documentation details the information you need to know to make your insert successful. TEKOA also has a team of Sage 100 API experts that can help answer questions, should it be necessary.

Sage 100 API Requirements
TEKOA Sage 100 API includes API Endpoints for many Sage 100 modules and functions. Connecting to Sage 100 using the API gives you the ability to programmatically "dialogue" with a Sage 100 installation. TEKOA Sage 100 API requires that you have a valid Sage 100 license from Sage Software, a relatively current version of Sage 100 and a best practices approach to your configuration of Sage 100. For more information about the best practice’s setup of Sage 100, see the Sage Software Supported Platform Matrix.  There Sage details how best to implement and use Sage 100.  Most Sage 100 users meet these requirements easily, so if you have questions about your Sage 100 configuration, contact your Sage 100 Consultant or speak with one of TEKOA's Sage 100 experts.

Sage 100 API Customization
TEKOA Sage 100 API has many unique features that make it the best tool for integration with Sage 100. One of those features is its flexibility when working with customizations made to Sage 100 using the Customizer Module. Sage 100 API by TEKOA works well with customizations done using Sage 100 Customizer. If needed, TEKOA can also customize the API to fit unique needs for special customers. The available customizations are many and if you need the API to be customized to fit a special integration, TEKOA is the team you want to be working with for that change.

Sage 100 Cloud API
Another key feature of the Sage 100 API by TEKOA, is that it is cloud based. This means that your Sage 100 installation and the application or web site you want to integrate with, do not need to be in the same physical location. TEKOA Sage 100 API uses state of the art encryption to ensure the connectivity between your Sage 100 and the outside web site or application is secure. This opens the door for Sage 100 to integrate cleanly with a very large variety of online software and services that help operate your business.

Sage 100 API Supported Formats
There are multiple types of data formats that can be exchanged over TEKOA Sage 100 API. JSON is a common one, but it by far not the only one available or the one you may need. Sage 100 API by TEKOA supports multiple kinds of JSON as well as XML among others. TEKOA Sage 100 API gives you the flexibility to choose the data format you want to exchange with Sage 100, making it a much more powerful partner and tool than other solutions that are limited to one format.

Sage 100 API Documentation
TEKOA has compiled a lot of information about how to use our Sage 100 API, and even provides tools for testing call parameters and information about securely authenticating with your Sage 100 API. We also have on staff, Sage 100 API experts that are available for consult should you need assistance using the tool.


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