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TEKOA Confluence

Multi-Integration Platform


Connect Multiple Apps, Sites & Partners to Your ERP


TEKOA Confluence is an integration platform for ERP Applications that need to integrate with other systems, devices, and data Partners.  Confluence allows developers to connect the dots between other systems and ERP’s over secured API protocols.  Using a unique API solution developed by TEKOA, ERP end users can have their system integrated with applications like: E-Commerce, CRM, Warehouse Management, Mobile, MRP, EDI and Business Intelligence solutions. 
 Confluence Integration

Application Program Interface (API)

API technology is a package of tools for transmitting data in software applications.  TEKOA Confluence is the governor that specifies how other applications and web sites interact with the ERP.  TEKOA API Connectors  make it easier to develop a integration by providing the building blocks developers need to connect their applications to an ERP. 

TEKOA Confluence includes GET, PUT and POST endpoints for a variety of common ERP modules: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Inventory, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Project Management, Payroll and more.


TEKOA Confluence is Compatible with Many ERP Applications.


 sage 100 integration Sage 100 Integration Focus

TEKOA Confluence is a centralized integration platform for multiple applications connected to Sage 100.  Connect the dots between Sage 100 and multiple applications, web sites & portals, EDI partners, mobile devices and data partners streamlining your Sage 100 integrations.

  • Integrate Sage 100 with CRM
  • Integrate Sage 100 with multiple E-Commerce sites
  • Integrate Sage 100 with industry specific solutions
  • Integrate Sage 100 with EDI Partners

Many Integrations - One Integration Solution - TEKOA Confluence

TEKOA Confluence is compatible with Sage 100

  • Sage 100 Cloud, Standard, Advanced & Premium
  • Sage 100 Contractor


TEKOA Software has been a developer of integration solutions for years and specialized in ERP Integration technology.  Providing the best in class integration platform, TEKOA customers gain not just a data bridge or single connection for a single integration, but a sophisticated integration solution that connects the dots of multiple applications with seamless integration to their ERP.

Providing multi-level and multi-application capability, TEKOA helps today’s agile enterprise grow and adapt to the changing needs of business by seamlessly integrating the necessary tools businesses use to run operations and automate workflows.

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TEKOA Confluence


Essential ERP Integration

Leverage the power of TEKOA Integration technology to connect your ERP with the TEKOA Confluence platform.  Your developers connect the dots between your ERP software with another system over TEKOA’s secure integration framework.

  • Sage 100 API Service

TEKOA Confluence


Advanced ERP Integration

Add logic to your integration and move data intelligently.  Apply special workflows, calculations, notifications, and automated functions to how and when data is integrated. 

Connect applications including popular eCom platforms, shipping applications, custom web sites, drop-ship and multiple warehouses using rules that drive increased operational performance.

  • Sage 100 API Service
  • Advanced Calculations & Workflows
  • Pay-As-You-Go Support & Training

TEKOA Confluence


Premium ERP Integration

All the features of Advanced ERP Integration plus support and training from TEKOA's experienced Sage 100 technicians to give your developers the knowledge resources to implement your Sage 100 integration and accommodate the unique requirements of your Sage 100 instance.

  • Sage 100 API Service
  • Advanced Calculations & Workflows
  • Included Support & Training
TEKOA Confluence - Connections


Confluence has many Connection Partners. 

Here are just a few of the Connections available with TEKOA Confluence:

Volusion, PinnacleCart, InfoConn, Dreaming Code, Salon Interactive, Amazon, Magento, Zoho, Salesforce, Northstar, Axium, United Fulfillment, FlowSpace, Avalara, Century Business Solutions, FieldFlo, ShipStation & More.



Start your ERP Application Integration


Engage with TEKOA to learn more about the features and benefits of our dynamic integration platform Confluence.  Explore options, receive a demo, and find out more about how your enterprise can leverage new opportunities with our integrated solution. 

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Decide on a level of service that is right for your business.  

  • Confluence Standard is best for single application integrations to one ERP and is a good place to start for essential integrations. 
  • Confluence Advanced is for eCom & application integrations that involve logical calculations, notifications and smart functions requiring data transformation between multiple platforms.
  • Confluence Premium is complete integration service including developer support & training.

Work with TEKOA to configure your integrated solution and receive training.  With Reliability, Flexibility and Dedication, the TEKOA team helps you navigate the path toward an effective integration solution for your enterprise. 



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