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Cloud Accounting Software

Manage accounting workflows company wide with One solution

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ERP software

Evaluate performance and make informed decisions


 erp software

Financial General Ledger

A dynamic chart of accounts provides the ability to track transactions across multiple segments.  Customizable to fit the needs of your enterprise, map out how finacial transactions are recorded across the entire enterprise.  An enterprise class General Ledger solution for today's business needs.


 erp software

Dynamic Chart of Accounts 

Account Segments allow you to track dollars across multiple cost centers, locations, divisions and more.  Customizable to fit the unique needs of your enterprise.


Journal Entry

View, Add and Post Journal Entries automatically generated by ERP activities.  Monitor financial transactions and know the financial results of business activities.

 erp software


 Additional Features

  • Detail Transaction Reveiw
  • Journal History Review
  • Account Transaction History
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Budget Management


  • Financial Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • And more



Accounts Payable Software

Accounts Payable

A full featured AP module helps you manage cash flow as you track vendor invoices and payments.  Customizable configuration and payment options help you record transactions related to the processing of payments to vendors.  Print checks or enter electronic payments, stay on top of Vendor activities and Payables with this robust enterprise solution.


 Accounts Payable Software

Vendor Tracking

Track Vendor invoices, payments and purchase history.  Maintain multiple Contacts, Addresses, Notes and Attachments.  Track AP activity by Vendor and manage Payable events.


Payables Aging

Know your cash position and current liabilities with AP Aging activities like Invoice Entry and Aging.  Process Electronic and Check printing tasks.

 Payables management software


Additional Features

  • Batch Transaction Entry
  • Single Transaction Entry
  • Adjustments and Credits
  • Integrated with Purchase Order 


  • Payables Aging Report
  • Purchase History by Vendor
  • Payment History
  • And more 



Accounts Receivable Software

Accounts Receivable

Stay on top of receivables with TEKOA ERP's Accounts Receivable module.  Customizable and easy to use, enter and track customer invoices, aging and payments.  Track across multiple profit centers and customer types.  Print or electronically deliver forms like statements and invoices.  Directly integrated with TEKOA's Commerce Suite web portals providing superior customer service.


 CRM Software

Customer & Prospect Management

Customer & Prospect activity tracking including Quote, Order, Invoice, Shipment and Payment administration.  Multiple Contacts, Addresses, Notes and Attachments.  Central contact management.


Receivables Aging

Monitor Receivables and cash flow.  Print or email Customer Statements.  Perform Deposits in bulk or as single entries.  Keep track of receivable events and monitor Order, Invoice & Payment history. 

 Accounts Receivable Software


Additional Features 

  • Invoice & Payment Tracking
  • Integrated with Sales Order
  • Print or Email Documents
  • Research History
  • Cash Receipt Management


  • Recevables Aging
  • Account Statements
  • Sales History
  • Cash Expectations
  • And more



Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Reporting

Keep a finger on the pulse of your business with insightful reports in TEKOA ERP.  Create your own custom reports or export data easily for in depth analysis.  Build reports with your spreadsheet application and evaluate business performance.  Make smart business decisions when you have the information that improves both financial and operational accounting and processes.


 erp software

Advanced Reporting

Craft custom reports using SQL Reporting Services to analyze business activity and key performance indicators.  Distribute reports without printing and control report access security. 


Export to Excel

Quickly and easily export reports to Microsoft Excel for in depth analysis and customization.  Sophisticated expanding groups and drill down capabilities to view reports in detail or summary format.

 erp software


Additional Features

  • Highly customizable reporting
  • Easy Excel Export
  • Group and User Security
  • Follow reports for Update notifications
  • Virtually unlimited report capabilities  






Cloud ERP Business Software


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 erp software

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