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 Sage 100 api

Sage 100 Integration

Advanced Sage 100 Integration Technology

A Leader In Advanced Sage 100 Integrations For Today's Enterprise

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Sage 100 Integration Solutions


 Sage 100 integration

Sage 100 Commerce Suite

for Sage 100 Users

Seamlessly integrated with Sage 100 and full of features, the Sage 100 Commerce Suite by TEKOA is an advanced and total commerce solution for Sage 100 .  B2C Storefront Shopping Cart, B2B Customer Portal and Online Payment Portal for today's online commerce Sage 100 Enterprise and crafted by TEKOA software.

Sage 100 Commerce Suite by TEKOA

Sage 100 EDI Solution

Sage 100 integration

 Sage 100 integration

Sage 100 API

for Developers

Sage 100 REST API by TEKOA software gives developers the tools to read and write data in Sage 100 through a structured and secure channel.  Common operations include retrieving sage 100 data for display in other applications or web sites and posting new data into Sage 100 from other applications or web sites.

Sage 100 API Information

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Sage 100 integration


Sage 100 integration

Sage 100 Web Site Integration

Seamlessly integrate Sage 100 with the Web and open new revenue channels by making it easier for your Customers to connect with you and buy product.  TEKOA's online Commerce Suite seamlessly integrates with Sage 100.

  • B2B Business to Business Customer Portal
  • B2C Business to Consumer Store and Cart
  • Mobile Web Point of Sale
  • Online Secure Payment Processing

Keeping Sage 100 In Sync  |  MORE >


Sage 100 integration

Integration Apps with Sage 100

Connect The Dots.  Integrate Sage 100 with other applications you use to run your business.  Merge different applications used for different business processes into one enterprise solution for your organization.  TEKOA provides the premier Sage 100 Integration tools.

  • Sage 100 API
  • Sage 100 Transaction Integration
  • Sage 100 Data Sync

Synchronizing Sage 100  |  MORE >

Sage 100 EDI

Sage 100 EDI Solution

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Sage 100 puts you in automated connection with your key Customers and Suppliers to trade EDI documents back and forth seamlessly integrated with your Sage 100.

  • Customer Purchase Orders, ASN's and Invoices
  • Inventory Quantity On Hand By Warehouse
  • Vendor Purchase Orders, Confirmations and Change Notices
  • Plus many, many more

TEKOA EDI For Sage 100  |  MORE >

Sage 100 Cloud Services

Apps for Sage 100

Add new features and functions to Sage 100 with TEKOA's unique set of software add on products. TEKOA Sage 100 Add-Ons are different because they do not modify your Sage 100 software, but integrate seamlessly with Sage 100. 

  • Sage 100 Online Portals
  • Sage 100 Mobile WMS and Manufacturing Solutions
  • Sage 100 API Data Integration
  • Enterprise Class Sage 100 Business Intelligence by Microsoft

 Sage 100 integration

Sage 100 REST API

by TEKOA software

Sage 100 API is a cloud based REST API for Sage 100 ERP that allows developers to read and write data to and from Sage 100 through a structured and secure channel. Common operations include retrieving customer lists, invoice history, items, and creating sales orders, receipt of goods, invoices, and more.

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Sage 100 Integration Solutions - TEKOA

Apps For Sage 100 Syncing


All Sage 100 Cloud Server Managed Windows Remote Desktop Server for Sage 100. Centralize the administration and use of Sage 100 across multiple users and locations quickly and easily.
Most Sage Modules Sage 100 Web API Post data into many Sage 100 data entry files using TEKOA's unique web API for Sage 100. Insert data directly and seamlessly into Sage 100 over http using the Sage 100 Web API by TEKOA.
All EDI for Sage 100 Seamlessly integrate your Sage 100 data and processes with electronic data interchange (EDI). Auto-sync just about anything between your Sage 100 software and customers and vendors over encrypted AS2 connections around the globe.
General Ledger Journal Entry Integration Synchronize your Sage 100 Chart of Accounts automatically with another application and insert GL Journal Entries from other applications or data sources.
General Ledger Advanced Business Intelligence Dashboard Use Microsoft Power BI Desktop, an easy to use powerful tool to create custom graphs, charts, lists and more displayed in a sophisticated and polished desktop dashboard.  Great for Financials and Key Performance Indicators.  Get high level overviews of the health of your business using real Sage 100 data.
All Sage 100 SQL Data Manager Archive ALL Sage 100 data inside a SQL instance for storage or as a sophisticated report data repository that uses Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS).  One-time cache of Sage 100 data or perpetual update of Sage 100 data into SQL.
General Ledger Automated Trial Balance Delivery Automatically send GL Trial Balance data to key owners, partners or banks. You define the content and frequency, then the system will deliver the finacial information making quick work of reporting requirements. 
  •  $79 per month
Bank Reconciliation Insert Bank Reconciliation Records Automatically insert Bank Reconciliation payments, deposits and adjustments from CSV, flat files, API Post directly and automatically into your Sage 100.
  •  $79 per month
Bank Reconciliation Retrieve Bank Reconciliation Records Easily pull Sage 100 Bank Reconciliation records from Sage 100 using TEKOA's API for Sage 100 directly into other applications.
  •  $79 per month
Accounts Payable Vendor Account Sync Silently and automatically sync your Sage 100 Vendor accounts with other 3rd party applications and data partners.
  •  $79 per month
Accounts Payable Insert AP Invoices Automatically upload new AP Invoices into Sage 100 quickly and easily.  Drop flat files or a CSV into a directory and TEKOA auto inserts the data into your Sage 100.  You can also connect using TEKOA's unique Sage 100 web API and insert AP Invoices directly into Sage 100 from another application.
  •  $79 per month
Most Sage Modules Voice Command Artificial Intelligence Talk to Sage 100 - literally. Using TEKOA integration technology for Sage 100, speak commands to Sage 100 to perform tasks, view reports, input data.  A TEKOA Partner solution backed by TEKOA Integration technology.
Accounts Payable Insert AP Payments Automatically upload payments made in other venues into Sage 100 Accounts Payable.
  •  $79 per month
Accounts Receivable Customer Account Sync Silently and automatically sync your Sage 100 Customer accounts with other applications and data partners.
  •  $79 per month
Accounts Receivable Insert AR Invoices Automatically upload new AR invoices into Sage 100 quickly and easily. Drop flat files or a CSV into a directory and TEKOA auto inserts the data into your Sage 100.  You can also connect using TEKOA's unique Sage 100 web API and insert AR Invoices directly into Sage 100 from another application.
  •  $79 per month
Accounts Receivable Insert Cash Receipts Automatically upload payments made in other venues into Sage 100 Accounts Receivable.
  •  $79 per month
Accounts Receivable Automatic Statments Set a schedule and automatically transmit AR Statements to Customers with open balances. Display Statements as HTML emails or send as PDF attachments.  No waiting for emails to be generated and sent and no blacklisting from paperless office abuse. Keep your receivables up to date with automatic AR Statement delivery service from TEKOA.
  •  $79 per month
Payroll Advanced Reports & Analysis Use enterprise class Microsoft Report tools to build sophisticated and easy to use Payroll reports from Sage 100 data. Partner the reports with Payroll History Cache for Sage 100 and write better history reports for Payroll.
Payroll History Data Cache Don't lose important payroll history and increase your ability to create reports and insights on Payroll data using TEKOA's data cache for Sage 100.  Store useful and long term Payroll history beyond what is available in Sage 100.
Inventory Management Item Code Sync Silently and automatically exchange Sage 100 inventory data with other applications, web sites and more with the TEKOA Inventory Item Sync for Sage 100.  Includes, prices, costs, descriptions, and essentially any Sage 100 inventory data. Cross connect Sage 100 Inventory with other business resources that run your enterprise.
  •  $79 per month
Inventory Management Insert Transactions Utilizing a unique and powerful data sync tool for Sage 100, TEKOA gives you the ability to insert inventory transactions into Sage 100 from multiple source types: flat file, CSV, JSON, XML and also using the new Sage 100 web API by TEKOA. Keep your Sage 100 inventory in sync with other applications and partners using TEKOA.
  •  $79 per month
Inventory Management Tekoa Mobile for Sage 100 Run warehouse management functions from an easy to use and affordable Andriod handheld device.  Perform Item Inquiry, Transaction Entry and Physical Count using bar code laser handheld computers from TEKOA.
 Sales Order Web Portal Data Entry With an easy to use and intuative web browser interface, insert Sage 100 Sales Orders from any location with an internet connection and have the data seamlessly and automatically synchronized with your Sage 100.
 Sales Order Shopping Cart Sync Sync eCommerce shopping cart data from your web site into Sage 100 Sales Order Entry.
 Sales Order Customer PO Import Receive PO's from your customers and have the data automatically imported into Sage 100. Includes option for return receipt.
 Sales Order Advanced Ship Notice Automatically send Advanced Ship Notices to Customers when their product ships. Notices sent as HTML emails or PDF attachments.
  •  $79 per month
 Sales Order Advanced Invoice Delivery Instead of waiting for paperless office to build and transmit a ton of invoices, use this unique TEKOA software solution to automatically build and send Sales Order Invoices as either HTML emails or attached PDF's to your customers. Save time and expense with this automated electronic solution.
  •  $79 per month
 Sales Order Price Change Audit Log Ever wondered who changed the Sales Order? This solution records changes made to Sage 100 and retains the history making it easy to investigate changes made to Sales Order details. Know the date, time, user and changes made to Sales Order Details. View as a Microsoft SSRS report or receive emailed reports.
  •  $79 per month
 Sales Order EDI Integration Connect to your Customers using encrypted data partnerships and EDI. Receive Customer PO's (850) and have them automatically inserted into Sage 100. Including receipt confirmations. Send Advanced Ship Notices (856) when product ships and Sales Order Invoices (810) when Invoices are finalized. Includes the ability to report package and tracking details. A comprehensive EDI solution for Sage 100.
 Sales Order B2B Web Portal Give Customers the ability to self service through a secured online web portal and have the sales automatically inserted into Sage 100 Sales Order Entry. 
 Sales Order Mobile Point of Sale Using Andriod handheld computers perform Inventory and Customer Inquiries. Input Sales Order Invoices and collect payments right from the handheld.  The devices have an integrated bar code laser for quick scanning of products and can be paired with bluetooth printers for generation of receipts. Close more sales with direct Customer contact and mobile point of sale.
 Sales Order Fleet Delivery Tracker Integrated with Verizon Network Fleet (R) know the location and status of vehicles that deliver product to Customers.  Allow Drivers to record delivery transactions that automatically generate Sage 100 Sales Order Invoices.  Email confirmations and invoice receipts are automatically generated and sent to Customers after delivery. Capture signatures and include Network Fleet GPS data and Customer signatures on forms and reports.
 Purchase Order Mobile Receiving Input Receipt of Goods transactions from handheld computers with bar code laser scanning and auto insert Receipt of Goods transactions inside Sage 100.
 Purchase Order Vendor EDI Integration Produce Puchase Orders in Sage 100 and have the order data automatically formatted and transmitted to the Vendor over an encrytped EDI connection and integrated into the Vendors system.  Automate the purchasing process between you and your Vendors to reduce errors and save time.
 Most Modules Sage 100 Web API Post data into many Sage 100 data entry files using TEKOA's unique web API for Sage 100. Insert data directly and seamlessly into Sage 100 over http using the Sage 100 Web API by TEKOA.


Are you a Developer that wants to Integrate with Sage 100?

TEKOA's integration with Sage 100 is state of the art and the best way to connect your application to Sage 100. Offering many different connection types including:

Web API For Sage 100

Flat File Exchange

SQL Integration

TEKOA is the premier Sage 100 Integration resource.






What is Sage 100 API?

API means Application Programming Interface. The key feature of TEKOA's Sage 100 API is its ability to talk, or interface, with Sage 100.  Using programming language, you can communicate with Sage 100 to both collect and input Sage 100 data.

Sage 100 API Endpoints
TEKOA's Sage 100 API involves Endpoints. Endpoints are the points of access for Sage 100 information. Some Endpoints are designed to send you information that you request. For example, you may want to retrieve Sage 100 Sales Order data. TEKOA Sage 100 API has an Endpoint for the retrieval of the Sales Order information. Using programming language, you make a "call" to the TEKOA Sage 100 API Sales Order Endpoint and ask the API to return the Sales Order information you need.  Conversely, you may want to input information into Sage 100 using the TEKOA API.  In that example, using programming language, you "call" the Sales Order Endpoint and insert a new Sales Order into Sage 100.

Sage 100 API Rules
Now, there are rules built into the API that govern the insertion of data into Sage 100. For example, you cannot insert a new Sales Order without properly identifying the Customer on the Sales Order. The same is true on other Sage 100 API Endpoints and these rules protect you from inserting data into Sage 100 that would be invalid. TEKOA's Sage 100 API documentation details the information you need to know to make your insert successful. TEKOA also has a team of Sage 100 API experts that can help answer questions, should it be necessary.

Sage 100 API Requirements
TEKOA Sage 100 API includes API Endpoints for many Sage 100 modules and functions. Connecting to Sage 100 using the API gives you the ability to programmatically "dialogue" with a Sage 100 installation. TEKOA Sage 100 API requires that you have a valid Sage 100 license from Sage Software, a relatively current version of Sage 100 and a best practices approach to your configuration of Sage 100. For more information about the best practice’s setup of Sage 100, see the Sage Software Supported Platform Matrix.  There Sage details how best to implement and use Sage 100.  Most Sage 100 users meet these requirements easily, so if you have questions about your Sage 100 configuration, contact your Sage 100 Consultant or speak with one of TEKOA's Sage 100 experts.

Sage 100 API Customization
TEKOA Sage 100 API has many unique features that make it the best tool for integration with Sage 100. One of those features is its flexibility when working with customizations made to Sage 100 using the Customizer Module. Sage 100 API by TEKOA works well with customizations done using Sage 100 Customizer. If needed, TEKOA can also customize the API to fit unique needs for special customers. The available customizations are many and if you need the API to be customized to fit a special integration, TEKOA is the team you want to be working with for that change.

Sage 100 Cloud API
Another key feature of the Sage 100 API by TEKOA, is that it is cloud based. This means that your Sage 100 installation and the application or web site you want to integrate with, do not need to be in the same physical location. TEKOA Sage 100 API uses state of the art encryption to ensure the connectivity between your Sage 100 and the outside web site or application is secure. This opens the door for Sage 100 to integrate cleanly with a very large variety of online software and services that help operate your business.

Sage 100 API Supported Formats
There are multiple types of data formats that can be exchanged over TEKOA Sage 100 API. JSON is a common one, but it by far not the only one available or the one you may need. Sage 100 API by TEKOA supports multiple kinds of JSON as well as XML among others. TEKOA Sage 100 API gives you the flexibility to choose the data format you want to exchange with Sage 100, making it a much more powerful partner and tool than other solutions that are limited to one format.

Sage 100 API Documentation
TEKOA has compiled a lot of information about how to use our Sage 100 API, and even provides tools for testing call parameters and information about securely authenticating with your Sage 100 API. We also have on staff, Sage 100 API experts that are available for consult should you need assistance using the tool.

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Even More Sage 100 Resources



Sage 100 integration

Mobile Sage 100

Warehouse Management System for Sage 100. Use bar code scanners to better track inventory for Sage 100. Receipts, Picking, Shipping, Physical Count and more.




 Sage 100 integration

Sage 100 Cloud

Access Sage 100 using Windows Remote Desktop to a secured and dedicated Host server.




Sage 100 Web API 

Sage 100 API

Web API for Sage 100. Insert records directly into Sage 100 over http web posts using TEKOA's unique Sage 100 API.




 Sage 100 integration

Sage 100 Consulting

Get expert advice and training from Sage 100 consultants. Advance your use of Sage 100 with training and consulting from TEKOA.




 Sage 100 Enhancements

Sage 100 Enhancements

Add functionality to your Sage 100 with one of TEKOA's unique enhancements.




 Sage 100 EDI

Sage 100 EDI

Integrate Sage 100 with your data partner Customers and Suppliers. Streamline and automate transactions between your Sage 100 and those whom you frequently do business.





sage 100 integration

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sage 100 integration

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