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Managed Cloud Solutions

Hybrid or full cloud, TEKOA Cloud Management provides

best in class enterprise Cloud Resources for your business.



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Cloud Systems

From Web servers to Application, Data and IoT infrastructures, TEKOA Cloud has the capability today's enterprise needs.  Available in Hybrid and full managed infrastructure configurations.



 Cloud System Management

Managed Support

TEKOA Cloud technicians assist you every step of the way. Helping you to manage your Cloud installation and ensure best practices across all your technology infrastructure.



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System Agility 

Grow your business as needed. Expand or reduce the size of your technology resources as necessary. Move resources and deploy solutions with flexible configurations.



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Best in class security capability, provided by Microsoft. Maximum up times and system redundancy gives peace of mind and ensures your solutions are there when you need them.




Sage 100 Cloud Services


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Sage 100 Cloud

Case Study: ERP Software

Looking to implement your ERP software in the Cloud? TEKOA has the experience and accumen to advise on the best practices and most helpful configuration for your mission critical ERP application.





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Case Study: Web Commerce

Web Commerce servers need flexibility so they can expand and contract based on demand. When your site is busy, don't lose orders because your in-house server runs out of resources.  Use TEKOA Cloud to ensure you have sufficient resources when they are needed. 




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Case Study: SQL Reporting Services

SQL Reporting Services in the Cloud gives you better insight into your business.  Complete with user access controls, get true and up to date reporting and business dashboards from this eneterprise class reporting solution in the TEKOA Cloud.



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A trusted partner for your enteprise cloud management.

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 Available Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Cloud Hosting Solutions

Sage 100 Cloud Server

Centralized, efficient and powerful. Sage 100 Cloud environments for today's agile enterprise.

Sage 100 Cloud

Application Hosting for Small Business

Remote Desktop Server

Streamline and simplify the delivery of key business applications across multiple locations.

Windows Server

Agile, flexible and powerful Windows Servers for business applications and data.

Windows Advanced Web

Infrastructure and Services for Advanced Web Site and Online Technology Solutions

Windows Reporting Services Server

Deliver key metrics, reports and business intelligence to users, when and where they need them.

Windows SQL Server

Scalable and powerful database machines and services for agile enterprise data management.

Windows 10 Pro Desktop

Virtual PC Environments for managed technology infrastructure.

Ubuntu Server

Web Site Server

Red Hat Enterprise Server

Linux Server for today's Enterprise



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