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 Software Integration




Build Business Data Relationships

Partners, Applications or Devices using TEKOA Enterprise Integration Services

Connect the dots with TEKOA. Enterprise Application Integration services help your organization connect your ERP application to other systems.  Our unique set of tools and skills makes us a strong partner for your enterprise application integration project.  TEKOA has the know-how to make data relationship building successful.


  • Automate Reporting to Key Data Partners
  • Link Applications together seamlessly
  • Mobilize your workforce with Integrated Mobile Devices
  • Connect your ERP to your eCommerce Web Site
  • Build B2B and B2C web portals connected to your ERP
  • Perform Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)



Software Integration Services

Automating the data relationships gives today's enterprise advantages. When planning your data integration scenario, you should consider the configuration that properly supports the full life cycle of your data automation needs. Take into consideration that both endpoints of your integration relationship should be configured to send or retrieve the required data. How the endpoints are setup is an important step toward successful integration.

A complete integration solution needs to be able to retrieve and send data. Enterprise Application Integration Services goes beyond manual imports and exports of data and encompasses the full sprectrum of the data integration lifecycle. TEKOA Integration Services take a comprehensive approach to your integration needs. There are a wide variety of integration options, including: API, Import / Export, SQL, EDI, 3rd Party Applications, Partners, and handheld devices.


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Sage 100 Integration

Sage 100 Integration Services

Seamless Sage 100 Integration

Fully Automated

Custom Data Mapping

Connect Your Application to Sage 100

Specializing in Sage 100


Sage 100 REST API  For Developers


 Software Integration Services


TEKOA software developers have the expertise and accumen to help your enterprise connect other Applications, Web Sites and more to your business management software.  Skilled in API technology and state of the art integration experience, TEKOA helps today's agile enterprise connect the dots between the applications that run your business.

API Software Integration

TEKOA's team of in-house developers specify and craft the API connections between business applications.  Connect web sites and online commerce to your ERP application.  Connect Order Processing and Shipping software into Accounting software for more streamlined and accurate procedures.  Link mobile applications into your ERP software for on-the-go mobility business transactions.


SQL Database Integration

TEKOA's advanced skill set in SQL technology helps agile businesses to coordinate, merge and update multiple SQL databases into a single Enterprise Class business management solution.  Using the latest in business technology, TEKOA works with you to build data relationships between SQL databases that run your business.


Custom Software Integration

Custom applications require custom integration solutions. TEKOA's experience and expertise with Integration technology makes us a wise choice for your custom software integration projects.


TEKOA ERP Integration

Have the the Accounting, Inventory, Ordering and Manufacturing software solution that works best for your industry and business. TEKOA ERP is an advanced mid-market business management solution with a full suite of modules that can run your entire enterprise.  Integrations with TKEOA ERP are a powerful way to make the agility, efficiency and stability of your enterprise technology something that centralizes and supports all your business workflows.


Sage 100 Cloud Integration

Few developers can match the capability, scalability and skill TEKOA brings to the Sage 100 integration space. With years of experience and knowledge working with Sage 100, TEKOA staff and developers are the best in the business when it comes to integrating Sage 100 with other applications, web sites and services.  Built from the ground up, TEKOA utilizes a unique and powerful REST API solution for Sage 100.


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