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Pick Pack and Shipping Best Practices for Business 

A best practice in a business is the ideal procedure for a process. The idea encompasses considerations such as the integrity of information, checks and balances, accounting accuracy and precision, and efficiency of employees.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM used by a company to manage their interactions with customers, both current and potential future clients. It is used to coordinate the sales, customer service, marketing, and IT departments. This involves answering customers questions one-on-one, with service based on the input provided by customers. The system stores information on a client's purchasing history, so they can order more easily in the future. CRM includes the use of technology for linking customers with current data on their orders: where they are in the process of picking and shipping. CRM helps with managing growth and demand, and to increase accuracy of forecasts for sales in response to historical trends. CRM is used to track the effectiveness of marketing strategies, as well as customer analysis by counting customer clicks and sales.

Order Processing is the process of picking, packing, and arranging for the shipping of the products. Requires the use of processing facilities, or distribution centers. The ordering and inventory software system should have the price information, weight and dimensions, number of units available, UPC code for identification, vendor information, and more. Order entry is one of the more vulnerable areas for fraud, because a salesperson can enter in or override the majority of the information. For example, I could edit the product price and sell it to my friend on a discount.

Picking consists of collecting products in the quantity ordered from a distribution center before shipment. This is an area that is also susceptible to skimming by employees, because physical inventory makes it easier to swipe a product. For example, a worker could enter into the system that he had collected the entire order, but a computer glitch¯ told him to only pick 4 instead of 5, when in reality he actually picked 5 and pocketed one of them. Shipping In the shipping business process, the business is responsible for entering shipping information, creating backorders if necessary, generating the required shipping documents, and reflecting these actions in their ERP system. Once you have physically shipped the orders, the business should mark those products in their system as depleted and shipped. Often, if a business is in a highly price-sensitive market, they will have the buyer pay for shipping; otherwise, they would be unable to make a profit. In other markets, free shipping is a way to bring in new customers. In every case, however, this can be the most unorganized, least streamlined aspect of the business process.

Mobilization Tools and Techniques

Business process mobilization is critically important to a business, and most often takes into account the entirety of a business' activities. The purpose of this function is to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a business. The business may use supply chain and internal processes to streamline the procedures from beginning to end. A business must analyze their processes in order to maximize growth and mobility. 

By: Joy Attaway 

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