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Is The Cloud Right for My Business Type 

In today's business world it is becoming necessary to stay in tuned with technological advances. The advancements that Cloud networking offers is by far one of the most superior advances in networking, to date. Forget about offering up the conference room for those giant mainframes or using the broom closet for those costly servers. Cloud technology allows you to virtualize your network and connect your business seamlessly from any of your company's locations.

Cloud networking accomplishes this virtualized technology by having a centralized network of servers and allowing you access to data, software, or applications from nearly anywhere. 

It also allows you to forget about having all of those top of the line computers to run some fancy software applications because you are now able to stream the information directly from the server.

If you still aren't sure if Cloud is right for your company or maybe you are still wondering what the benefits for making the switch are; then read on! Regardless of what kind of network your company is currently using from: Peer to Peer (P2P), Local-Access-Network (LAN), and Wide-Access-Network (WAN) making the switching can provide your company with a few added benefits. 

In my research on Cloud networks I've analyzed several of the benefits and some of the downsides to making the switch.

The Cloud benefits:

Reduces the cost of purchasing new servers to handle increased workloads or increased e-mail capacity. Now if you reach your servers capacity you don't need to go out and purchase another server or upgrade your current one; with a click of a button you can increase your capacity for a nominal price.

Unlike your current network which transfers high amounts of data, Cloud's virtualized technology allows you to send and receive data in smaller amounts which helps increase the speed. This real-time information allows your company to accurately show inventory, transactions, revenues, etc.; allowing your company to have faster and more accurate forecasts for inventory turnover, product efficiency, and expected quarterly returns.

The servers are stored at a central data center which frees up space in your current facilities. The data centers also contain their own tech-support help desks so you can reduce indirect costs in your company and reduce your workforce. This also increases your proficiency by allowing you to allocate more of your resources on your primary business.

The Cloud downsides:

• Depending on your bandwidth needs it might be cheaper to continue using your private servers. Organizations such as Sony which have needs for 4 to 12 terabytes have yet to make the switch due this extremely high demand.

• Delving into new virtualized technology opportunities can be strenuous on your human capital. Having knowledge workers in your company who are willing and able to learn this technology may affect your choice whether or not to make the switch.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you're a smaller company or a larger enterprise making the switch to Cloud networking can save you money and ultimately be the cheapest way to operate in your market. 

Most companies will likely see resource improvement by making the switch to virtualized networks like Cloud. These virtualized technologies are out there and it's up to you and your employees to find out if their applications are right for you. 

By: Trevor Pollard 

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