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Impressing Customers with Good Order Fulfillment 

There are many ways to run a business in the world that we live in today. Some of these ways, however, are not as effective as others. We live in a competitive world, and in order to compete at the highest level, one needs to be sure he or she is running the best business practice. Business practices vary in many ways. Some like to focus on accounts payable processing, which has emphasis on money going out. Others like to focus on accounts receivable processing, which has emphasis on the money coming into the company. Many businesses also focus their practice on procurement, which has emphasis on what the company is supplying and. Although these are all good practices, there is no better business practice than one that focuses on fulfillment. The business practice of fulfillment is valuable because when everyone in the business game is left with satisfaction and happiness, productivity is at its highest peak. 

1. Customer Relationship Management 

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the part of a business practice that deals with the interaction the business has with its customers. A quality trait that has been proven to be beneficial to a business is loyalty. A business needs to try to do everything in its power to create customer loyalty. This means putting the needs and interests of the customer first. Many times, business will only be focused on the greatest amount of revenue they can make. What a business should be focused is on how they could give their customers the ultimate satisfaction. This action is what will eventually separate a business from its competitors and give them a competitive advantage. 

2. Order Processing 

It is important for a business, after creating customer loyalty, to create an order processing system that best accommodates those in need of supplies. . Designing a processing strategy that maintains efficiency increases a company's chance to gather customers that are willing to form long-term relationships with the business. Of all customers a business inherits, it is the long-term customers that determine the status of the business. A business needs to know that there are customers that they can rely on. These customers essentially feel that they have some kind of power, granting them more satisfaction. 

3. Picking 

Customers are in need of a wide variety of options to choose from. The more diversity a business inherits in terms of possible options, the more customers that business is able to reach out to. It is important that a business gives its customers many options to choose from, giving them more sense of freedom. 

4. Mobilization Tools 

A business must consider what it could do to make its customers lives as easy as possible. This means developing a shipping system that brings the product to the buyer. It is important for a business to understand that people have busy schedules and lose productivity when they have to find time to receive a product. There are a couple of ways a business can effectively create easier means of delivery, one of which is through the Internet. If a business can establish a way for a customer to order online, it becomes easier for both the business and the customers to follow through with the order. A business may also implement its own auto delivery service. This gives the business the opportunity to find quality employees that may in turn form good relationships with the people they are delivering too. 

By: Samson Martinez 

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