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How To Improve Your Business Inventory Workflow 

What kind of business are you looking into? Every business is designed to provide either a service or a product that is meant to help it thrive in a competitive world. However, it is not that simple. A business needs to construct a process to use to successfully accomplish this goal. 

Each process has main goals to either create a cheaper way of getting their product or service out into the market or to create a service or product so unique that price does not matter. A business process can be one of three types and those are management, operations or supporting business processes. 

Furthermore, in each one of these processes there are smaller processes, which are the procurement, production and the fulfillment process.

Procurement Process

For a business to even be able to begin it needs the necessary resources such as it's raw materials or in a service oriented business it's clients. Often a business will outsource this section to a country with cheap access to the materials if it is involved in production but with a service business it is a matter of knowing what the world needs.

The procurement process involves obtaining these materials or clients and storing them in either a designated place of storage like a warehouse or building. Clients however would be stored on a computer or in a filing cabinet.

Production Process

The production process is where the business takes what it has gathered and puts it to use. In the process there are operations such as sub-assembly, assembly and packaging. Each one of these operations can be outsourced by a business to either save time or money or even both.

For a manufacturing business the production process is the most important because it involves creating something useful out of the materials at hand. Larger parts may require separate construction, which would be sub-assembly, followed by the completion of the good in the assembly. Various businesses may also require packaging, which would complete the production process.

Fulfillment Process

For a service business the production and fulfillment processes work together. The stated service is to be performed by the business and the fulfillment would occur when the bill is sent to the client.

The fulfillment process for a business providing goods would occur when an order by a customer is received, which is called distribution. A successful business often finds a cheap way to distribute their product unless special care is required. If that is the case a business will cover distribution themselves. The process would then end when the customer receives the good and payment is made.

Each business has it's own method of being successful, so what is yours? Will you plan the cheapest system for your business or create something so unique that customers or corporations will just have to have it no matter the cost? There is specific way to run every business. One just has to find the right way for their business. 

By: Jason Leyendekker 

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