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Five Reasons to Use TEKOA erp 

Many business owners are faced with the decision of how to organize their growing business as it expands to new fields and possibly new regions. A major difficulty in a growing business is facilitating communication between increasingly compartmentalized function groups. It is key for all members of a business to understand their role in a business that may seem to be becoming evermore impersonal and disconnected. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are a way to help solve those problems and facilitate increased collaboration between all of the businesses many moving parts.

ERP Systems allow companies to succinctly operate in separate buildings or even entirely different regions of country, or countries in the world for that matter. 

As your company begins to service a larger market base it may become apparent that certain elements of your business are better suited for different areas, but how do you effectively communicate the needs of the company to these disconnected units? If your business uses a clipboard with signatures, having a headquarters in Washington and a warehouse in Tennessee, it will take a long time for needs to be processed and met. Fortunately, in today’s world communication can be instant. An ERP System can allow your company to instantly process and send data as soon as a job is complete, so the demand can be found and met as quickly as your company can produce without having to wait for paperwork to be transferred.

ERP Systems can synchronize data between your company's various functions so your accountants don’t need to waste time tracking progress that has already occurred and can more quickly asses the costs of production. 

This allows your company to respond immediately to inefficiencies and pricing requirements. ERP Systems allow your company to be immediately connected from the minute raw materials are rolled into the warehouse to the minute your finished products are taken off the shelves.

ERP Systems help encourage collaboration and big picture thinking among your workers. 

Because the ERP System keeps your company connected it allows all of the workers to see and understand where their work is coming from and what their work results in. By allowing your employees to see exactly how processes and functions are executed in the business and how their data and products fit into the broader course of action they can understand their purpose and importance in a business that may otherwise seem to be making each worker smaller and smaller.

ERP Systems can help management understand and monitor company performance by helping evaluate information about the process. 

Information can be gathered over specific tasks and activities or for the process as a whole. For instance, the ERP system can track the time it takes for an order to be processed as well as when certain elements of the process are completed such as when certain goods have been shipped and received or where specific orders are in the overall process.

ERP Systems allow customers to understand that your business cares about theirs. 

All of the benefits that such as improved transparency and efficiency that the ERP system affords you can be passed on as benefits to your customers, which is exactly what your business is about. 

By: Mark Davis 

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