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How Cloud Technology Changes Your Business 

The recent technological innovations have changed the way businesses operate. This information revolution is defined as “the increased use of information and communication technology to create, deliver, and use information” . 

Information technology consists of the computers, networks, software, and other hardware that are used to organize and communicate data. This new ability to share information easily has helped businesses become more competitive and effective in the global market. 

The following are some of the significant ways in which this technology has changed the business environment.

1. Data Organization

It wasn't too long ago that all of a company's data was physically stored on paper in files. If someone needed a piece of information, he had to find the appropriate paper document. One would see large filing cabinets and stacks of papers throughout an office. Also, if someone needed a piece of information that was in a document at a different physical location, tracking down that information could be challenging.

With the advent of information technology such as comprehensive computer databases, all of that information can be stored on a computer. Companies now have the ability to connect their computers through the Internet as well as networks, which allows employees to easily access information that is stored on a computer in a completely different city. Also, query languages, like SQL, give employees the ability to search for the exact piece of information in a database that they want. It has become much faster and simpler for companies to store, organize, and find their data.

2. Efficient Communication

In the past, for a company to communicate with people in different locations, they either had to go through long phone connection processes or through snail mail. Technological developments have made it easy for people all around the world to communicate instantaneously. Email allows people to immediately send messages back and forth. Also, it is easy for companies to transfer customers on the phone to another country without them even knowing. If someone has a problem in China, it is relatively painless for them to call someone in the US for instant help. Technology has turned business into a much more fast-paced and global environment because it is easy for everyone in the company to be connected.

3. Helpful Tools  

With a heavy emphasis on software development, companies now have a wide range of software applications available to them. There are many tasks that before could take hours to complete that now are done through an automated program. Even writing up a report is more efficient through word processing software. Accountants have programs that generate financial statements for them. Companies have programs that act as time clocks instead of the employee physically having to write their time in and out. These are just a few examples, but many tedious business processes have been improved or even removed through the development of software applications.

4. Effective Collaboration

Tying in with the more efficient communication ability, people now can collaborate with co-workers all over the globe. With video chat, it is possible for teams to have virtual meetings with people who are working in a different country or from home. People no longer have to be sitting in the same room for good work and innovation to occur. Online document sharing allows people to collaborate on a project and be able to work on the same file without having to physically be together. With information technology, it is much easier for people to work together which leads to more innovation and sharing of ideas.

Technology has revolutionized the business world. Before computers, companies were limited by their physical location. Now companies have the ability to spread to different areas of the globe without losing efficiency. Businesses have easy access to all of their information, instant communication with co-workers, tools that help them streamline day to day tasks, and the ability to work on a project while not physically together. Information technology is vital to the modern day business world. 

By: Kristin Deal 

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