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How To Use Technology for Better Warehouse Mgmt 

Warehouse management involves the use of inventory processes. The inventory process involves all goods moving in and out of a business inventory system. The process of inventory management involves receiving, storing, issuing, and tracking of goods. 

In a small business, inventory can be tracked relatively easily. A worker can record purchases and issuance of the company's inventory to estimate inventory levels, and can count inventory by hand. It is not the most efficient method of tracking, but is a simple method that can be effective in a small business. 

But in globalized businesses with numerous warehouses spread around the world, a more accurate and efficient system is necessary.

Warehouse Technology

Thanks to advancements in technology, warehouse management can be done accurately and in real time in even the largest businesses. Businesses use numbering schemas for organization and scanning systems that improve efficiency and transmit data in real time.

It's all about the Numbers

Proper warehouse management involves developing a clear numbering process to organize inventory locations within the warehouse. Think of the organization of a warehouse as a large grocery store. There are aisles of items organized into categories. When you shop at a grocery store, you may have an idea of where to find your favorite chicken-noodle soup; but you might spend a few minutes wandering the aisle and scanning shelves. Warehouse workers are in the same situation. They have a general idea of item locations based on their experience, but do have a limited memory. By implementing a numbering schema that can be accessed on a computer or barcode mobile device, workers are able to go directly to the item they are searching for. They will not be scanning shelves looking for the right container of screws, but will access the numbering system to lead directly to ¾” galvanized flat heads.

Scanning Systems

Before the development of computers and improvements in technology, all inventory management was done with pencil and paper. Additions to inventory, quarterly counting, and shipping of inventory was written down to adjust inventory levels. Today, businesses use barcode scanning systems to record shipping and receiving of inventory to quickly and accurately record adjustments in inventory. A click of a button does the work of pencil, paper, and mental math improving efficiency and accurately. 

Real Time Inventory

Not only do scanning systems promote efficiency, they allow for companies to access data in real time. If all inventory adjustments were recorded by hand, it could take multiple workers using clipboards to keep up with recordings. Then an employee would have to sit down with the clipboards to combine the information into one inventory statement. 

But when all inventory is recorded in an electronic system, all numbers are up to date in real time and can be accessed from any location the company desires. 

Why Warehouse Technology Matters 

Improvements in technology and the development of efficient systems allow warehouse management to operate accurately and effectively. Businesses would be unable to expand across countries with the same level of functionality without the implementation of these business processes in warehouse management. 

By: Luke Olson 

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