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Taking Your Business To The Clouds Literally 

Over the last 20 years, the computer industry has grown in ways never thought imaginable. From desktop computers to the invention of the mouse people marveled at the changes that were quickly overtaking technology. Not long after, the first laptops were invented and soon games, programs, and the Internet all became major advances in this ever changing world of computers. But if we thought the Internet traveling through air, it pales in comparison to cloud computing.

Cloud computing is the new, and quickly growing, trend among businesses to pass information from one computer to another. Whether that computer is in the room next door or in China. Older businessmen remember the days of Peer-to-Peer networks when others marveled at the possibilities of linking 2 computers together and sharing data. For those of us younger generations, we may remember LAN networks, the type used to connect 4 Xbox together so we could play 16 player Halo. These were just 2 of the original networking options used in business.

While we have seen many different developments in network sharing over the years, we have never seen anything quite like cloud computing. 

Cloud computing can help your business reach its maximum potential in the following ways:

Better Accessibility

With Cloud computing, all files are stored in a remote location on a server that can be accessed by anyone in the company at any time. Whether you are away on business, checking in from home, or sitting in the office, you can access your files with minimal difficulty. This also applies to your customers; they can now find data they had submitted to the company online by logging in to the server from any remote location.

Space Saving

Forget loading up the basement of your building with servers that create heat and take up room. Cloud computing let's you use servers belonging to another company that are stored in a remote location, out of the way of your business. This not only can give you more space, it can reduce the amount of space you need to rent, and in terms, lower overhead.

Technical Support

Tired of waiting for the tech guy to do his job and fix the server? With cloud computing, you don't have to worry about that. The second any server goes bad, they have backup servers instantly available and you will probably never notice there was a problem. Think of the money you pay your computer repairman, or your staff technician? Imagine how much you'd save not having to hire them.

It's the Future

Don't fail to latch on to this idea before it's to late. Think of all the companies who told themselves, The internet will never be a major player in businessť and refused to market there company online. I am sure a lot of them aren't around anymore. Big name companies like Apple, QuickBooks, and Microsoft are all taking advantage of this new technology so don't miss the boat on this opportunity.

There are many reasons to why cloud computing is the future such as the safety of your information. Cloud computing allows the company you contract with to backup your data reliving you of the hassle of constantly backing up your work. With many other reasons on why this technology is going to be revolutionary, don't delay. Chose the cloud, the only way to go is up. 

By: Kyle Jordan 

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