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Should I Switch My Business To A Cloud Network 

here are three main reasons (convenience, money, and the competition) to switch to the cloud network. Clouds are the type of network that is taking over the business world and providing a new way to be efficient.


You use the internet to reach a cloud network. You can work from your own home, or while traveling as long as there is an internet connection. The internet is virtually everywhere, so now you can connect to the network just to check on that one little detail before you go on vacation. This also allows for room to free up with in the office buildings. As there is no need for multiple servers to be kept in the building, these rooms can be used for more offices or conference rooms or research and development or anything that is needed. Another convenience factor is the data center is responsible for keeping the servers backed up and protecting the network from DOS attacks. This frees up valuable employee time to be used for something more productive for the company.

Saves you money

This form of network saves you money. First off you don't need to spend all the money that goes into buying all the servers and hard drives, etc. The payments of are paid utilities. Month to month the bill may vary based on your server needs. One month you may need 3 servers and the next month only need 2. This ability to determine how many servers are needed on a month to month or even a day to day basis is very cost effective. Another aspect of this network that promotes the saving of money is the time not spent working on protecting the system from DOS and backing up hard drives. The time that would normally be spent on network maintenance can now be focused onto something else and thus not having to pay the extra wages that would be caused by the upkeep of the network.

Everyone is starting to switch

Many businesses are starting to use this type of network. Google, Microsoft and QuickBooks are all starting to have their products be subscribed to through their websites. It is more profitable for a company with a product such as Microsoft and QuickBooks to sell the subscription, if the customer fails to make a payment, they can immediately stop the service. Instead of having the customers buy just one copy in a store and that's it, the customer now is forced to buy the subscription and have to continue paying the monthly or yearly fee. This is a great time to switch now before your competitors start thinking about switching because once you switch and have a product that can be reach through the internet you will be making more profits than your competitors. 

Switching now gives you that small advantage for a little while so take it while it lasts. Switching to a cloud network might be one of the smartest choices you ever make in your life. They provide you with the convenience of being able to work from anywhere in the world, utilize the room that used to houses the servers for something more useful, and save you money. Clouds are the network of the future, so why not jump to the future now? 

By: Kate Eastham 

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