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The Upside and Downside of Cloud for Business 

Cloud computing does far more good than bad. For one it doesn't require any software like you have to have with big servers and multiple computers connected to them. With this, cloud computing is extremely cheap when compared to buying a $20,000 or $30,000 server to connect all of your employees. 

In the current economy, most people starting out in the personal business scene aren't coming into it as millionaires, so having the option that is arguably more advanced, more worker friendly, and clearly less expensive, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't choose the cloud services. 

In addition, even if you are coming into a business with a good amount of money, or currently own a business, why would you want to spend so much money on something like a server when there is such a well qualified, credited, cheap system like the cloud? It just does not make sense to go any other way.

Additional benefits of cloud computing include: 

Continual upgrades that are automatically done for you so you don't have to worry about not being up to date or dealing with crashes. 

Also included is the accessibility that the cloud provides. Since the cloud is an ever-present system, it is ideal for companies or clients that are mobile or have different people scattered around the nation or world. It can be accessed and used at anytime and in any place which makes it much more convenient for those in different time zones or with different schedules etc.

Although there are so many benefits that I believe put the cloud far above any other type of computing service, there are some difficulties or areas of risk that accompany it that may drive some away from using its services. 

One risk that comes with using the cloud is that it is essentially reliant on just the Internet and how advanced it has become. If the Internet suddenly became less reliable or perhaps had a bill passed to shut down or slow Internet traffic, it may be impossible to get to all of the data that you and your company have stored in the cloud.

In sum, the benefits that the cloud computing services provide such as the continual upgrades, accessibility, and very low cost make it the best, economically intelligent choice when deciding what type of computing service to utilize. 

By: Taylor Farnsworth 

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