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Propelling Your Business to New Heights with ERP 

In the age of technology enterprises are constantly trying to evolve to get that extra step up on their competitors. In order to become extremely efficient and keep everyone on the same page, companies have begun using ERP (Enterprise Planning Software). 

What is ERP you may ask? The better question is what isn't ERP? 

ERP provides a company an integrated view of all aspects of your business and simplifies all the data into one database. 

There are two ERP systems that are commonly used by businesses today. Legacy ERP and Cloud ERP. Both these systems are used to make your business more efficient and bonce ahead of your competition. 

So the bottom line is, which ERP system should your company implement to insure efficiency and success? 

Legacy ERP 

First up with have Lagacy ERP. This older enterprise software is no longer being updated or enhanced. These were first created in the 1980’s and their creators continue to update the application code to appeal to their consumers despite the dramatic chances in technology over the past 30 years. Over time the rich functionally of the software has not been enough to conceal the outdated technology of Legacy ERP. 

Companies in the 21st century began to look for new alternatives to replace the outdated technology. The problem with most of the migrations was that many of the companies had a very difficult time getting used to the new system. Today, most companies have moved away from Legacy ERP due to the higher costs, but still use them in larger companies to fill holes in their product line. 

Cloud ERP 

Cloud ERP provides enterprises with cloud computing platforms and services that provide more flexibility, room for growth, and easy adaptation. Cloud ERP allows your employees to work anytime, anywhere on any touch or handheld mobile device. Cloud ERP keeps track of all data no matter country a company is based in. It also uses customer data through social media to predict future trends to help your business capitalize on every opportunity. 

Cloud ERP is normally cheaper than Legacy ERP depending on the Vendor and is constantly updating to adapt to new technology and customer needs. So with that said Cloud ERP seems to be the go to choice right? Wrong. 

Implementation of the right system all depends on the size of your company and how it operates. Picking the wrong ERP could mean major setbacks for you and your company. 

ERP Software Implementation 

When implementing the optimal system there are many things to consider. If your business is very simple and doesn’t deal with juggling multiple locations, older employees, or needs more business process structure, legacy ERP would more likely be for you. 

If you company requires very strong/complex organizational leadership and seeks a new revolutionary wave to simplify their everyday lives, Cloud ERP would be the way to go. 

No matter what system you choose you need to make sure all your customers and employees are on the same page. Leadership is key when implementing a new system and requires diligent training to ensure efficiency and success. 

Final thoughts 

A new ERP system has the ability to accelerate your business to the top or have it all come tumbling down. Make sure you do your research before making a decision, as there are many factors you must consider. 

Each company has a system to fit its needs, make sure you choose the right one. 

By: Austin Billeter 

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