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Does Cloud for Business Really Save Money 

In today's business environment companies need new ways of saving money and resources. Cloud computing answers many of the questions business managers have about how they can cut costs down while being more efficient and effective. Cloud computing is best described as computation, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system. 

The cloud shifts the workload to a network of computers that make up the cloud. I will cover these specific areas in this blog:

1. How the cloud saves you money

2. Other benefits to cloud computing

To begin, we will start with some of the ways your business can save money with the cloud. The first one is that you can pay for only what you use and as you use it. By moving your applications to a public cloud your staff can instantly receive your resources up or down. This also means that you're becoming more responsive to demands of your market while cutting IT costs at the same time.

IT Workload

The next area is server workloads. When you put workloads in the cloud they no longer require the dedicated server capital expenditures you would normally see. In fact, you can even reduce an applications server count down to zero in some instances. Another way to drastically cut costs is by reduced data center facility costs. To put it simply, when you operate with fewer servers you have fewer costs. This is one area where you will directly see the costs decrease when using the cloud as your power, cooling, and real estate costs all see reductions.


The last area of savings comes from a decreased IT management need. With the cloud, users will be able to accomplish many of the IT servers on their own through self service portals that can take action immediately across a virtualized infrastructure. This obviously leads to less common help desk calls and frees up your staff to focus on more important tasks that result in a more competitive structure.


A few more benefits to the cloud are the flexibility it gives your organization on all levels of business. The integration of email boxes with the rest of your infrastructure makes for a better user experience. An example is with workers in multiple countries who often complain of distance related problems in connection to in house resources. 

With the cloud, you can make sure all of your employees have access to your best resources in efficient times. Metering is also another tool that the cloud makes more accessible to businesses. Being able to calculate usage on a per client and per application basis is critical and can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 


The last benefit I wanted to touch on was security. With cloud computing you do not have to worry about the data in your systems becoming lost or damaged as the cloud backups all of your data from a central source. Data that may be lost on one of your staffs computers can easily be backed up from the cloud. The same can also be said for fires or other threats to your data. In a technology driven world the cloud looks to solve your problems with the most efficient ways of helping your business remain competitive while cutting costs. 

By: Kyle Jefferson 

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