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Innovative Solutions for Today's Enterprise

Scale and future-proof your business for long term innovation and growth,  while you focus on accelerating entry into new markets, engaging customers, and adding products or services to get your business where you dreamed it could go.



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TEKOA software

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Carving your niche

As a start-up business, you are what you appear to be. TEKOA ERP gives you the ability to leverage Enterprise Technology to present the best image for your customers, your business partners and investors. TEKOA ERP is a cloud based system that evolves as your business needs change. Our modular approach gives you the power to run your entire business from top to bottom with Tekoa’s intelligent applications that work together in the cloud.

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 Startup Business Software

Competative Advatage

Speed, Agility, and Low Cost of Entry deliver your competitive advantage. Change to meet changing business needs faster and easier. Expand your technology footprint as you grow your business without the initial capital investment and time to implement, and without growing your overall IT costs. TEKOA ERP keeps your focus on the development of your business, and empowers you to compete in a world where speed, scalability, flexibility, and actionable information are paramount.


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Cloud Business Software

Startup Business Software

Software for Today's Enterprise

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