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Manage Enterpise Growth

Organize, Streamline and Automate business processes and accounting with TEKOA ERP.

Financials & Accounting

Inventory Management

Supply Chain Management

Customer Service & Fulfillment



 Tekoa ERP  


Software for Today's Enterprise

You’ve established your brand. You’ve developed best practices and successful business processes that are transforming your business into a larger company, with new products/services, new sales channels and new geographic markets. As your company grows, so too does the target on your back. Competition is around every corner, and the key to profitability is efficiency and consistency. The processes and systems that worked well when your business was a start-up, or focused on a single product set, or selling in a single geography begin to break down.

By standardizing applications across departments, subsidiaries, locations, and more, you can use technology to transform your business, creating efficiencies that accelerate your growth. Optimized business processes with intelligent applications that work smarter together, create consistency and loyalty from employees that reinforces your brand identity, leading to consistency and loyalty from your customers.


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Business Accounting


  • Manage Business Growth
  • Streamline Accounting
  • Meet Compliance Requirements
  • Improve Planning






Warehouse Management

  • Get a handle on Inventory
  • Know where and how many
  • Customize Product Options
  • Improve materials requirements planning





Order Procurement and Fulfillment 

Order Processing

  • Real-time information and updates
  • Manage Entire Customer Order Process
  • Track Supplier Purchases
  • Take control of the movement of Product





Business Intelligence Reporting

Business Intelligence

  • Improve employee collaboration
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Intuitive Reports and Views




 Increase Customer Satisfaction

Know and manage the entire Customer Order Fulfillment workflow.  From tracking of Customer history and customizable price structures, create Sales Orders with customizable product configuration options and release Customer Orders into production or pick from on hand stock and ship immediately and accurately with TEKOA ERP.

Use Business Intelligence on sales to review trends and projected demand.  Make informed decisions about what to buy and what to sell.

Generate more return customers when you provide Customer Service with easy tools that help them provide better service.



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 Enterprise Resource Planning  


Enterprise Resource Planning

Tekoa ERP gives you the cloud-based tools to leverage your successful history and growth, to give you a clear view of the future opportunities for your business. With easy integration to legacy systems you can build on your success by automating business processes and sharing best practices across the organization. Now that cash flow concerns have been replaced with managing and reducing operating costs, Tekoa ERP gives you unified visibility into financial management by putting accounting, sales, service, and operations all in one place, with actionable reporting.

Automate for efficiency and profitability- With Tekoa ERP, streamlining and standardizing your business processes can reduce costs, improve cash flow, and connect every department with real-time access to data—helping your business prevent mistakes and optimize operations.  Powerful information systems automate data-intensive routine operations, so you can focus on critical decisions and strategic initiatives. Add Tekoa EDI and expand your automated processes to your channel sales and procurement partners to strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers. Transforming your enterprise involves connecting, collaborating, streamlining and making your business work smarter, not harder. Tekoa is here to partner with you as you explore the transformation of your business.


Expand business horizons with seamlessly integrated modules



 B2B Customer Web Portal

B2B Customer Web Portal



 B2C Web Storefront

B2C Web Store



Business Intelligence Reporting 

Business Intelligence Reporting



 EDI Integration




 Mobile Bar Code Computers

Mobile Bar Code



 Integrated Point of Sale

Point of Sale



 SQL Reporting Services

Advanced Data Analytics



 Electronic Payment Integration

Electronic Payment Gateway




The Mobile Workforce

TEKOA mobile

Work does not always happen sitting at a desk.  Sometimes it is best to be out where the activity is happening so users can actively participate in the accuracy of the work being performed.

TEKOA ERP for midsize enterprises is mobile optimized, which means using bar code handheld computers, users can increase the accuracy and efficiency of transactions by entering the information right where the activity occurs.


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EDI software

Electronic Data Interchange


Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is the electronic transfer of business transactions over encrypted connections between your ERP software and your Customers and Suppliers.  TEKOA ERP is optimized for EDI.  Streamline and automate business transactions like Customer Purchase Orders (850), Advanced Ship Notices (856) and Sales Invoices (810) with your customers and increase the accuracy and efficiency of transactions between your business and other enterprises.

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ERP for wholesale distribution

ERP Software for Wholesale Distribution

Inventory is the core of your business.  See more infomation about TEKOA's specific features for Wholesale Distribution companies.

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ERP for Manufacturing 

ERP Software for Manufacturers

Materials, Labor and Overhead tracking help you meet the specific needs of your customers and plan future production.  See more about features for Manufacturers.

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