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ERP For Manufacturers

Tekoa ERP delivers powerful, cloud based tools to build on your success. Gain insights to make better decisions, control costs, increase efficiencies, and manage your growth, giving you a clear view of the future opportunities for your business.


Discrete Manufacturing

Make To Order Manufacturing

Work In Process Tracking

Material, Labor & Overhead Management

 Manufacturing software

From the Executive Suite on the top floor, you can see the horizon, but can you see the future? Today’s modern manufacturers have more complex business processes to manage- engineering, planning, forecasting, procurement, production, supply chain, order management, and more. With each step in the product lifecycle, un-integrated processes and ad-hoc applications begin to hinder productivity. Modern manufacturers require a foundation that enables flexibility, agility, and visibility, to better manage inventory levels, control costs, improve customer satisfaction and operate more consistently and efficiently.

Automate for efficiency and profitability- By automating the entire product lifecycle management, you reduce time to market of new products, improve order processing efficiency, closely monitor and control costs to deliver better quality products. Connecting every department to real time data unifies the company’s vision and visibility into the information needed to make timely decisions. With the automation of time and data intensive routine operations, you are free to focus on critical decisions and strategic initiatives. Now the future of your company begins to come into focus.

Tekoa ERP delivers powerful, cloud based tools to build on your success. Gain insights to make better decisions, control costs, increase efficiencies, and manage your growth, giving you a clear view of the future opportunities for your business. Get details of production costs and gain insights to track profitability down to the item level, and use real-time data to accurately price your products and make better decisions about your manufacturing processes. Gain visibility to track products through multiple work and cost centers, and even maintain Work-In-Process (WIP) for costs and manage the complexity of discrete manufacturing with Make-To-Stock and Make-To-Order production.

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 WIP Tracking

Work In Process

View labor and materials in process as it flows through production.  Know the costs and timelines of operations as raw materials are transformed into finished goods.


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production labor tracking software


Customizable production Routes allow you to craft production workflows that define how your products are manufactured.  Trigger automatic fast production steps or include manual Operations that require quick user confirmation.

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production tracking mobile software


Use bar code handheld devices to record production steps in real time.  Know where production orders are at any time and monitor operations as product flows through WIP.


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manufacturing reports

Production Insights

Easily review production Orders for efficiency and accuracy.  Understand your actual costs in comparison to standard costs and evaluate manufacturing variances with intuitive reports and dashboards.


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Manufacturing Software for Today's Enterprise

Get everyone on the same page when you harness Tekoa ERP and Tekoa EDI to take control of your supply chain and sales channels. Building automated data relationships with your business partners speeds up the transactions with suppliers and distribution partners, while eliminating costly human errors and time delays with manual order entry. Now you can manage inventory and sourcing automatically, preventing inventory excess or production downtime. With Tekoa ERP, integrating production planning, material purchasing, and shop floor scheduling with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing and accounting delivers real-time coordination of multi-plant activities. Now that the shop floor is in sync with the top floor, how does your future look?

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Make To Order software

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Manufacturing Software


TEKOA ERP has special features for manufacturing businesses that build to customer specific configurations.  With spohisticated and easy to use tools, TEKOA ERP users can customize products when they are sold.  Costs, time and materials are posted against the Sales Order and production managed through the original custom order.  This gives you specific insight into the productivity and costs for the manufacture of a custom product as you trace it through the production process.

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