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Software Development

The TEKOA Methodology

TEKOA software works with a variety of enterprises to Plan, Engineer, Implement and Support Enterprise Application solutions.  The following information details TEKOA’s methodology for helping Enterprises transform.

  • Enterprise Solution Planning 
  • Enterprise Solution Engineering
  • Implementation Navigation
  • Solution Support

TEKOA provides Enterprise Solution Planning services.  TEKOA works with agile Enterprises to identify key elements that contribute to process and technology challenges and works closely with the staff of the Enterprise to document and plan a resolution to those challenges.

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Enterprise Solution Planning

TEKOA uses a business process methodology starting point called a Functional Definition to outline in detail potential solutions for solving enterprise challenges.  The Functional Definition document provides a detailed understanding of the elements involved and offers one or more potential solution to the challenges. 

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 Functional Definition Sections

  • Overview - Documentation of the project goals and expectations
  • Process Specification - Detailed documentation of existing business process for relevant workflows.
  • Functional Specification - Specific workflow and application requirements for the new functionality.
  • Technical Specification - Definition of systems necessary to meet the new functional specifications.






TEKOA analyzes business processes and technology to produce a Functional Definition that outlines a clear path to challenge resolution and the management of change.  The Functional Definition is a custom, enterprise-specific “guidebook” for how to implement business process and Enterprise Application change in an organization.

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Solution Engineering

TEKOA provides Enterprise Solution Engineering Services.  What the Functional Definition defines, TEKOA helps today’s enterprise build, implement and support.  Once the Functional Definition outlines the game plan for moving toward resolution of a challenge, TEKOA then works on multiple levels to coordinate, develop and implement a solution that best fits the needs of the enterprise.   


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Three Levels of Solution Engineering

Business Process Change - Working closely with Enterprise staff to define business processes and ensure data is collected using procedures that make sense to enterprise staff and supports a healthy workflow.

Enterprise Application Change - Develop and integrate Enterprise Application solutions that support Business Processes and meet data collection requirements.

Technology Change - Implementation of technical systems that support the Enterprise Applications and Business Processes necessary for operations.

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Implementation Navigation

TEKOA provides Enterprise Application Implementation Services.  Working closely with Enterprise Staff, TEKOA Team members navigate the implementation process.  Navigate Enterprise Solution Implementation with Project Management Services from TEKOA.


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Implementation Project Management - TEKOA maps out the process from start to finish coordinating the steps and processes that bring the Defined and Engineered solution into reality.

Stakeholder Collaboration - TEKOA works with your personnel to move the implementation forward.  The TEKOA Team helps bridge the gap between the need for implementation progress and maintaining daily operations.

System Integration - Connect The Dots.  TEKOA’s team of application integration experts work to ensure Enterprise Solutions are integrated and work in concert.

Test, Refine, Release - TEKOA works to build the technical and application infrastructure for your Solution, tests it for effectiveness and accuracy, then works with your Personnel to coordinate the Training and Release of your Solution.

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Solution Support

TEKOA coordinates the support relationships with your in-house Personnel to ensure the procedural and technical support needs are met and promote the longevity of your Enterprise Solution.  TEKOA has built from the ground up technology tools that our Clients use to track Projects and Tasks related to the Support of your Enterprise Solution.


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Help Ticket Tracking - Create and view Support Request Ticket progress and receive automated progress notifications using TEKOA’s Support Ticket Tracking technology.

Project Management Tracker - Manage long-term Projects with multiple Phases using TEKOA’s project management application.

Online Support Portal - Available 24/7, login to view support requests and other helpful project management information.


   Contact TEKOA to start your Enterprise Application Project Today.

TEKOA Staff Qualifications

Executive Management

The TEKOA Team is lead with years of Enterprise Technology Engineering and Implementation experience.  We have consulted in a wide variety of industries including: Wholesale Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, and local Government entities to provide high level technology and application engineering, implementation, training and support.  With strong knowledge and experience with business process, accounting and technology, TEKOA helps today's enterprise transform.


Project Management

TEKOA Project Managers have decades of experience working with many different types of businesses to help manage technology and business process change.  TEKOA Project Managers utilize a professional and experienced approach to working with Clients and are major contributors the the success of many TEKOA projects.


Business Intelligence Engineering

Our BI Engineering leverages Accounting knowledge and technical accumen to provide deep experise to a wide variety of enterprises, including insurance and healthcare providers.  Our BI Engineering specializes in managing and developing Business Intelligence solutions like big data analysis, financial data integrations and reports. 


Enterprise Applicaion Engineers

TEKOA boasts having one of the best application development teams around!  Each has leveraged their Computer Science degrees to help TEKOA meet the application design and programming requirements for many businesses.  TEKOA Application Engineers build software solutions using state of the art technology languages and tools with an Agile Development Project Management technique.


Specialty Consultants

TEKOA has developed strong relationships and leveraged the expertise of Accounting Professionals, CPA's and other specialists to provide solution and management services to TEKOA Clients.   

   Contact TEKOA and start your Enterprise Solution Project Today!

The TEKOA Philosophy

Information + Application = Transformation

Enterprise Transformation is the process of improving your serve.  Transformation takes your business from something to something else.  In short, Transformation is change for the better.  Healthy transformation starts with useful Information.  It involves investigating and getting Information about where you are and the solutions that need pursuit.  Application is the process of taking action.  Application takes the Information and puts it to work toward a goal.  At TEKOA, we believe Information with Application is what Transforms today's agile enterprise.


Finding the Right Solution

TEKOA works to provide the solutions that are best for our Clients.  We believe that the unique needs of an Enterprise often require unique solutions and there is no “one size fits all” product.  We work to define, research, design, build, integrate and implement Enterprise Applications that work best for the Client’s business process and technology requirements.


Engineering Business Solutions

Over the years, TEKOA has developed several custom business application solutions for Clients.  Many of those solutions have been productized and TEKOA actively sells those solutions to Enterprises who see value in the pre-fabricated technology applications.

These solutions serve as TEKOA’s Library of Resources and helps us to cost effectively repurpose existing technologies into new scenarios and applications.

We have also found that many Enterprise Application Implementations require special integrations and data exchanges.  TEKOA is expert in application integration and our team of Engineers design, implement and support many different data and application integrations on an ongoing basis.  Enterprise Application Integration is a key component of TEKOA’s success.


Business Partnerships and Associations

TEKOA has professional business relationships with many other technology solution providers.  TEKOA technologies serve as foundational tools for other business application solutions.  TEKOA specializes in Microsoft technologies, developing on the Microsoft stack and management of Microsoft infrastructure platforms like Windows and Azure.


Why TEKOA software?

The digital transformation from paper and clipboards to software solutions and integrated systems is more than just new technology. 

It is a business method.

In today's global business environment competitive advantage comes from leveraging technology to improve and grow your business.  Transforming your enterprise involves connecting, collaborating, streamlining and making your business work smarter, not harder. 

Tekoa is here to partner with you as you explore the transformation of your business.

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