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It's A Cloudy ERP Day in the Neighborhood

Kendall Chin 
Retire Your Old ERP

In this modern day and age in the technological world, people are quickly waving goodbye to the legacies and letting the clouds roll in. No were not talking about the visible mass of condensed water floating in the atmosphere, but the new way of storing, accessing, and managing data through a network of servers.  Not only will cloud ERP help businesses thrive, but also allow me to access my favorite guilty pleasure songs from any device. 

Defining Cloud ERP 

Cloud ERP is best described as a management software connected by network servers to the Internet that helps businesses collect, store, manage, and interpret data from various sources such as accounting, marketing, and inventory

Cloud ERP Technical Advantages 

One of the biggest problems businesses with legacy software face are tripping over the multiple servers and software that allow the businesses to function. These servers not only require constant maintenance, but also the unexpected software upgrades that always occur when we need to get our work done the most. With cloud ERP there is no installation necessary. The only thing required is a stable Internet connection, which any small or medium sized business should already have (I hope). 

Cloud ERP Financial Benefits 

Your Old ERP can be a pain to manage especially when it requires businesses to purchase support software to keep it functioning. This requires companies to hire support staff, which ultimately creates a bigger hole in the business's pocket and might cause them to tap into the pizza party fund. On the other hand, cloud based ERP typically requires one monthly flat rate fee, which means the solutions will be taken care of by the providers and there will be more pizza for all. 

Ease of Access to Information 

Companies with legacy ERP have to navigate through many programs and servers to find the data they are looking for. This can often be timely and inefficient. With cloud ERP, companies with multiple locations can easily access their data from any connected device. This saves time, and as much as we love working from home on the weekends, it makes accessing data outside the workplace much easier. 

Increased Security 

Surprisingly, data stored on cloud ERP systems is actually safer than those on your old ERP. Along with the current safeguards, the automatic updates on cloud ERP increases the overall security by preventing hackers (who look for outdated legacy ERP) from attacking the systems.  Additionally, if there should be an issue, most cloud based ERP solutions offer 24/7 support. 

Make the Switch 

Making the switch from legacy ERP to cloud systems would enable businesses to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors by allowing it to be more efficient. It will also open new opportunities for a wider client base by eliminating client software. 

It will ultimately save them time and money on installation and maintenance. Cloud ERPs flexibility offers businesses more opportunities for expansion and growth with continuous new features and functions.  





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