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About Tekoa Software 
Tekoa Software, Inc. 888-811-2998 www.TekoaSoftware.com 
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Tekoa Commerce B2B Customer Portal 
TEKOA Commerce B2B. Business To Business Online Commerce. Enabling customers to buy product online. Increase sales with customer self service through online portals. 
Tekoa Commerce Payment Solutions 
Payment Gateway Integration. Integrate credit cards, apple Pay, Android Pay, Amex Express Pay and more with your ERP software, ecommerce portals and mobile device sales and field service with TEKOA commerce payment solution.  Using the best in class payment processing gateways, connect your business software seamlessly with payment processing.  Take Customer payments and make Supplier purchases inside your TEKOA solution. 
TEKOA Software Products 
TEKOA software - Business Software Solutions for Today's Enterprise. ERP, EDI, Commerce, Mobile & More. 
Accounts Receivable Best Practices 
Managing cash flow is considered one of the most important practices within a business. A ve... 
Transforming Your Business Using ERP Software 
In todays world of business, globalization is highly encouraged, especially when it comes to larger ... 
Cloud ERP Trending as the New Normal 
Cloud ERP is the New Trend A huge transition is occurring across all business industries. ... 
Steps for Improving Procurement At Your Business 
Procurement is the process of obtaining raw materials or services for a business. The way in which t... 
Steps for Finding Supply and Demand Harmony 
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems have become indispensable in today's business environment... 
Know When Your Business is Too Big for Quickbooks 
Is it time to grow?

An Enterprise System is like a vast highway that allows information in a ... 

How To Set Yourself Apart at Work 
With the increasing use of technology, the amount of information that is available in order to make ... 
Propelling Your Business to New Heights with ERP 
In the age of technology enterprises are constantly trying to evolve to get that extra step up on th... 
Improve Warehouse Management In 5 Steps 
In many retail and other forms of businesses today, it is difficult to know what it is exactly that ... 
Becoming an Indespesible Employee 
What it means to be a Good Knowledge Worker. It is common know... 
Moving from Small Business to Midsize ERP Software 
An Enterprise System is a system that focuses on the entire organization, not just a certain part or... 
Sage 100 SQL Data Archive Services 
Compatible with Sage 100, TEKOA Data Manager is a state of the art database archive tool that collects your Sage 100 data and puts it in an easy to use and access cloud database where you can retrieve and report on old Sage 100 information at any time. 
The Leader in Sage 100 Integration TEKOA software 
TEKOA's Sage 100 integration expertise is unparalleled. Connect the dots with Sage 100 Integration from Tekoa. Streamline procedures and increase accuracy with automated integrated transaction processing. 
Sage 100 Services for Spokane Washington 
Take your Sage 100 software to new levels with professional services and enhancements from your local Sage 100 experts at TEKOA software. 
Sage 100 Advanced Integrated Solutions 
From the Leader in Sage 100 Integration, TEKOA software offers state of the art Integration solutions that seamlessly connect your Sage 100 software with other applications, devices and partners. 
Sage 100 Software Enhancements 
Formerly known as MAS90 and MAS200, Sage 100 enhancements take the essential software that run your operations and adds new features and functions. Take advantage of new technology, open new opportunities and do more with the software you already have. 
Advanced Solutions for Sage 100 
TEKOA software add-ons for Sage 100 are created to expand the capabilities of the software you already use and enhance systems and business processes like EDI, Mobile, eCommerce and More. 
Sage 100 Sales Order and Invoice Integration 
Automatically transfer new Sales Orders from other sources and applications into Sage 100 Sales Order Entry. Insert new SO Invoices into Sage 100 from other applications. 
TEKOA Commerce Suite | TEKOA software 
Online B2B and B2C web portals for opening new sales channels at today's enterprise. Advance your product sales using innovative online commerce solutions from TEKOA software. 
MANITO PARK - Location 
How To Find Manito Park in Spokane Washington. Directions and Map of Manito Park. 







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