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Helpful Pick Pack Ship Best Practices  
All businesses think about different ways to produce the best product for the customer while attempt... 
Sage 100 Integration Services 
Seamlessly integrate SAGE 100 with other applications, devices and partners. 
Strategic Tips For Smart Warehouse Management 
Strategic Warehouse Management is crucial for any and all businesses operating in today's mar... 
Secure Cloud Solutions for Sage 100 ERP 
Access your Sage 100 from virtually anywhere with our Spokane based certified ERP hosting facility. Using state of the art Windows technology provide personalized Windows remote desktops to all your users and centrally control and secure your Sage 100 application while making it available to users from any location with an internet connection. Reduce IT costs by outsourcing tech infrastructure and support to the local professionals. 
Tekoa Software Services 
TEKOA Software Development Services. Design, Build, Implement, Support 
Sage 100 Web Site Integration | TEKOA Integrator 
Sage 100 Web Site integration is affordable and easy using state of the art technology from TEKOA software. Link eCommerce, Customer Web Portals and really any web site with data inside Sage 100 with the Sage 100 integration tool by TEKOA. 
Sage 100 Web Integration | TEKOA Integrator 
Connect Sage 100 to existing web sites or customize a prebuilt web portal using TEKOA technology solutions for today's enterprise. 
Tekoa Software Resources 
TEKOA software. Enterprise Resource Planning. Explore content that helps your business grow, change and transform. 
ERP for Midsize Business 
Know and manage the entire Customer Order Fulfillment workflow.á From tracking of Customer history and customizable price structures,ácreateáSales Orders with customizable product configuration options and release Customer Orders into production or pick from on hand stock and ship immediately and accurately with TEKOA ERP. 
About Tekoa Software 
Tekoa Software, Inc. 888-811-2998 www.TekoaSoftware.com 
Sage 100 Mobile Salesperson 
TEKOA's unique Mobile Salesperson solution for Sage 100 puts the functions today's mobile salesperson uses to close more deals and sell more product, right in the palm of their hand and provides Real-Time access to current Sage 100 information and functions. 
Moving from Small Business to Midsize ERP Software 
An Enterprise System is a system that focuses on the entire organization, not just a certain part or... 
Cloud ERP Trending as the New Normal 
Cloud ERP is the New Trend A huge transition is occurring across all business industries. ... 
Improve Business Receivables with These Easy Steps 
Money is the lifeblood of a business. Without proper procedures, business can fall victim to theft o... 
Spokane Cloud Technology for Sage 100 
Sage 100 Managed Cloud for Spokane not only provides the standard benefits of Cloud for your business, but also opens doors to new enhancements for Sage 100 that leverage the power of automation, integration and collaboration.  
Manage Your Business with Tekoa ERP 
It's About Business Agility. In today's competitive global marketplace, making your business agile enough to take on new opportunities and grow is often linked to the technology infrastructure that supports your enterprise and business workflows.á For example, growing sales may involve creating EDI relationships with your major Customers and Suppliers.á However, to move in the directions your business needs, requires state of the art technology that leverages the best in class software and process resources.á  
Advanced Solutions for Sage 100 
TEKOA software add-ons for Sage 100 are created to expand the capabilities of the software you already use and enhance systems and business processes like EDI, Mobile, eCommerce and More. 
It's A Cloudy ERP Day in the Neighborhood 
Retire Your Old ERP

In this modern day and age in the technological world, people are quickly... 

Your Old ERP vs. A New ERP 
What is Legacy ERP?

The name LegacyŁ was coined by the analyst firm Gartner to desc... 

Five Benefits of a Cloud ERP Solution 
Cloud computing has the potential to transform business processes. 

Five Reasons to Use TEKOA erp 
Many business owners are faced with the decision of how to organize their growing business as it exp... 
Sage 100 Services for Spokane Washington 
Take your Sage 100 software to new levels with professional services and enhancements from your local Sage 100 experts at TEKOA software. 
Explore the History of Manito Park in Spokane Washington. 
Sage 100 Integration Experts 
Professional consulting that is focused on helping you achieve your business goals. Take Sage 100 into new efficiencies and features when you call on us to support and consult your enterprise Sage 100 software. 







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